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Debit Card (Play+) Deposits
Debit Card (Play+) Deposits

Deposit funds via Debit Card into your ZenSports account in minutes.

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This support article assumes that you've already passed KYC verification and created your Play+ account since ZenSports requires that all customers pass KYC/AML verification and create a Play+ account before depositing funds via Debit Card. If you have not already passed KYC verification or created your Play+ account, you will need to do that first before proceeding to deposit funds via Debit Card.

NOTE: Play+ supports Visa, Mastercard, and Discover debit card deposits. Also, Tennessee sports betting regulations do not allow credit card deposits (only debit card deposits).

Here is a general flow on how deposits using a Debit Card work:

Debit Card ---> Play+ account ----> ZenSports wagering account

Here's how to deposit / fund using a Debit Card:

Step 1

Tap on "Funds" at the bottom navigation bar on the main page of the ZenSports app, then select "Deposit Funds":

Step 2

On the "Fund My Account" screen, enter the amount you'd like to deposit in the "Fund Amount" field, then tap on the "Bank Card" option:

Step 3

Verify that the amount you entered is correct, then check to make sure that the pre-filled billing address is correct. The mailing address must match the address on the Debit Card you're using.

You can save all this information so you don't have to re-enter it again during your next transaction by checking the box next to "Save this card to be used later".

After verifying that all the credentials are correct and that you've entered the correct amount, tap on "Add Funds" to fund your account:

If you wish to switch to depositing via PayPal or ACH instead, you can tap on the drop-down menu at the top under "How would you like to pay".

Step 4

Review and confirm the funding amount, card used, and transaction fee. If everything looks good, check the confirmation box to agree to the transaction, then tap on the "Continue And Charge My Card" tab:

Step 5

Your Play+ account has now been successfully funded. You still need to complete two final steps to transfer those funds from your Play+ account into your ZenSports wagering account in order to place bets. On the "Congratulations" screen, scroll down to where you see the "Transfer Amount" box, enter in the amount that you'd like to transfer to your ZenSports wagering account, and tap the "Transfer" button:

Step 6

Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number and tap on "Continue":

You will be shown the "Transfer Successful" page below after the transfer to your ZenSports wagering account is successful, and you'll then see these funds sitting in your ZenSports wagering account wallet on the Funds screen:

You can also choose to transfer funds from your Play+ account to your ZenSports wagering account later. Here is a guide on how to do so:

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