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Depositing Funds
Creating Your ZenSports Play+ Account
Creating Your ZenSports Play+ Account

Automatically deposit/withdraw funds from your Play+ account in minutes.

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ZenSports has partnered with Play+ to make it super easy to instantly deposit and withdraw funds into/from your account, so you don't have to incur any long delays and can get started in betting on sports right away.

All deposits will be credited into your ZenSports Play+ account first. You can consider your Play+ account as a virtual bank account where you can deposit money into and withdraw money from. For the State of Tennessee, Play+ allows you to deposit funds using debit card, ACH, or Paypal (currently, credit cards are not accepted or allowed for Tennessee).

After depositing funds into your Play+ account, you can then transfer those funds into your actual ZenSports wagering account wallet in order to place bets.

Here is a general flow on how deposits work:

Debit Card / ACH / PayPal ---> Play+ account ---> ZenSports wagering account

Prior to making a deposit into your Play+ account, you'll need to actually create a Play+ account. Here's how to create a Play+ account:

Step 1

To create your Play+ account, you'll first need to pass KYC verification. Click HERE for more info on passing KYC verification.

Step 2

NOTE: Make sure that your KYC verification is approved before you proceed with the next step. You will receive a notification and/or email from ZenSports (depending on your notification preferences) after your KYC documents and selfie have been reviewed and approved.

After completing the KYC verification process, tap on "Deposit Funds":

Step 3

After tapping on Deposit Funds, you'll be taken to the ZenSports Play+ New Account Enrollment screen. Check your account credentials on this screen and make sure that your information is correct. If there is any error message, you can go back to the Profile Settings screen to change the information.

If your information on this screen is correct, enter your full 9-Digit Social Security Number at the bottom and tap on "Continue".

Step 4

Read the Terms and Continue, then tap on "Agree".

After you tap "Agree" above, you'll then be able to deposit / fund your Play+ account.

ZenSports Play+ offers users three options to deposit funds into your Play+ account:

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