Adding multiple bets to a Parlay Card is super simple in ZenSports!

(Want to know how Parlay Cards work? Click HERE!)

Step 1

Search and find bets to add to a Parlay Card. This works the exact same way as finding individual bets to accept in ZenSports:

From the "Bets/Contests" screen, click on the league/sport that you want to find bets for:

Step 2

View bets by either Upcoming Games, Season/Futures, or All Bets:

See the Searching and Finding Bets To Accept support article for more details on how to find bets in ZenSports.

Step 3

Once you've narrowed down the list of bets that you want to view and add to a Parlay Card, you'll see that each bet listed has either an "Accept Bet" or an "Add to Parlay" button next to it:

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Only bets created by ZenSports' book are eligible to be added to a Parlay, and once you add a bet to a Parlay Card in one particular currency, only other bets that are in that same currency can be added to the same Parlay Card. If you don't see the "Add to Parlay" button next to a bet (like in the screenshot above), that bet can't be added to that particular Parlay Card.

Step 4

Click the "Add to Parlay" button under the bet that you want to add to a Parlay Card:

Step 5

Once you've added at least one bet to a Parlay Card, you'll notice a shopping cart that shows up in the bottom right corner. The color of the shopping cart will match the currency color of the bets that you've selected (gold for Bitcoin, green for USD, blue for SPORTS, etc.). Also, the number of bets that you've already added to the shopping cart will show as a red badge on it:

NOTE: You must add at least two bets to a Parlay Card in order to proceed to Step 7 of the Checkout screen.

The shopping cart icon will follow you around on the Bets/Contests screen in case you want to add bets from other sports/leagues to it before checking out (but it won't follow you to the Results, Funds, or other screens).

Step 6

Once you've added all the bets to a Parlay Card that you want, you're now ready to check out and place your wager on the Parlay! To do so, simply tap the shopping cart icon (see screenshot above).

Step 7

You will then be taken to the Parlay Card "checkout screen". This is where you'll review the bets that you've added to the Parlay Card, view the Combined Odds Payout multiplier that you'll receive if you win, delete any bets that you no longer want in the Parlay Card, and officially place your wager for the amount that you want:

You will be shown a confirmation pop up after tapping the "Accept Parlay Card" button above, asking you to confirm your Parlay wager one last time. As always, all wagers are final, so make sure you truly want all the bets in the Parlay Card that you've added.

REMINDER: Each bet in a Parlay Card must win for you to win the entire Parlay Card.

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