ZenSports provides a guided approach to finding which bets you're interested in, and our app can help walk you through the process of accepting bets as the Taker. The default screen and default tab that ZenSports immediately displays to you after creating an account or logging in is the "Bets / Contests" screen. So you don't need to do any work to get to this starting point. 

  1. Within the main default view of the Bets/Contests screen is a list of all sports and leagues that ZenSports allows you to accept bets for. You can begin finding bets by selecting one of the leagues/sports listed:

2. You'll then see a list of options for choosing how you'd like to view the bets in that particular league/sport. You can either choose to see bets by a list of Upcoming Games, by Season/Futures bets, or All Bets, which will give you every single bet that is within that league/sport:

3. If you choose the "Upcoming Games" option in the above screen, then Zensports will show you a list of upcoming games that you can select to view bets for. You can choose as many games as you'd like (minimum selection is 1), and then tap the "Done" button to see the bets for those games:

4. After you choose the games to view bets for, OR if you select Season/Futures bets or All Bets from Screen 2 above, you'll then come to the Bet screen where you'll see all bets based on the criteria that you selected. You can either scroll through the list of bets, or search/filter for specific bets at the top. The search box for searching is on the left, and the filter for filtering by specific criteria is on the right:

5. If you select the filter button on the right side of the above screen, then a pop up will appear, and you'll be able to filter bets by a list of common criteria, such as Bet Type, Team/Player bets, Bet Amount, etc. The most common filtered criteria will by default be pre-selected for you. Tap on or off any criteria within the filter that you'd like. When done, tap the Search button in the bottom right corner to filter by the criteria that you select, or tap the Reset button to reset the view to the default criteria selected.

6. Once you're done scrolling, searching, or filtering by the bets that you want to see, you can accept a bet by tapping on it. It will then take you to the Accept Bet screen where you will be able to enter in your bet amount officially accept the bet.

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