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How Parlay Cards Work
How Parlay Cards Work

Overview of what Parlay Cards are and how they work.

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Parlays allow bettors to combine multiple bets into one bet or “Parlay Card”, whereby if all of the individual bets within a Parlay Card win, the customer wins the Parlay, but even if just one bet loses, the entire Parlay Card loses. To compensate for this higher risk, Parlay Cards pay out a much higher odds multiple than the traditional odds that can be found with only individual bets.

For example, if the expected outcome of one individual even money bet is 1 in 2 (+100 in American odds or 2.00 in Decimal odds), then the odds of getting two separate individual bets both correct would be 1 in 4 (1 divided by 2 times 2), or +300 in American Odds (4.00 in Decimal Odds). So instead of getting paid even money on a bet, the bettor receives three times the wager in winnings (plus the original wager). Harder to win, but higher payout if the Parlay wins.

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