Viewing and Managing Funds

Quickly view and manage your available funds in ZenSports.

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The Funds menu has options to check your account balance, deposit funds, transfer funds between your Play+ account and ZenSports account, view rewards, withdraw funds, get KYC verified, and view your transactions history.

Checking Your ZenSports Wagering Account Balance:

When you go to the Funds screen, you can view your available Zensports wagering account balance at the top of the screen. Just tap on the "Funds" tab in the bottom navigation bar. Your account balance will be displayed at the top of the "Funds" screen:

Deposit Funds:

You can deposit funds into your ZenSports Play+ account, then transfer the funds into your ZenSports USD account using the Deposit Funds menu row:

Here is a guide on how to deposit funds, depending on the deposit method:

Debit Card (Bank Card)


ACH (Online Banking)

ZenSports Play+ Transfers:

If you already deposited funds into your Play+ account using a Debit Card, PayPal, or ACH (Online Banking) but did not already transfer the funds from your Play+ account into your ZenSports wagering account, you can still do so later on at any time:

ZenSports Rewards:

As a valuable ZenSports customer, you're eligible to earn cash-back bonuses and other rewards when you bet within our app! To access the ZenSports Rewards Program screen within the Funds screen, tap the "Funds" menu item in the bottom navigation bar, and then tap on the "ZenSports Rewards Program" menu item:

Withdraw Funds:

You can withdraw funds from your ZenSports account using the "Withdraw Funds" menu row:

Here is a guide on how to withdraw your funds from your ZenSports USD wallet:

KYC Verification:

ZenSports requires that all customers get KYC / AML verified. You can get KYC / AML verified using the "KYC Verification" menu row:

Here is a guide on how to complete the KYC verification process:

Transactions List:

You can view your entire transactions history, including deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, bets won/lost, etc from the Transactions List screen. Just tap on the "Transactions List" menu row from the Funds screen:

Here is a guide on how to navigate the transactions list page :

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