Once you've deposited funds into your ZenSports account, and found a list of bets that you're interested in potentially accepting as a Taker, you're now ready to accept your first bet!

  1. To accept a bet, first tap on the bet itself from the list of bets that you're looking at. In this example, we'll tap on the bet for the Chicago Bulls to win against the Toronto Raptors with 1.61 (-164) odds:

2. Once you tap on a bet from the list, you'll be taken to the "Accept Bet" screen. At the top of the Accept Bet screen, you'll see a summary again of the bet details that were shown to you in the list on the previous screen. You'll also see your Available Balance so that you know how much you have available to accept the bet with:

The Max Bet amount that you can accept is displayed at the top with the Max Bet label. The Maximum Bet amount for you as the Taker equals the expected winnings amount set by the Maker when he/she created the bet:

You do not need to accept the full amount of the bet offered by the Maker. You can partially accept a bet for as little as $1.00 if you'd like.

To accept a bet from this screen, first type in an amount that you'd like to accept, up to the Max Bet amount displayed.  Use the toggle to enter in the amount based on the bets' currency or the dollar equivalent.  NOTE: that you can only accept bets in the currency that the bet was created in.: 

In addition to the amount that you type in, a 5% Taker fee charged by ZenSports will also get deducted from your Available Balance when you accept a bet in USD or BTC, so be sure to factor this in when deciding how much to accept. If you accept bets in SPORTS, the Taker fee is only 2.5%.

If you'd prefer to bet the maximum allowed by your Available Balance or by the amount offered by the Maker without having to worry about figuring out how much in fees that need to be taken into account, simply tap the "Max Bet" button on the right side of the field:

When you tap the Max Bet button, ZenSports will automatically calculate your bet amount based on the lesser of either: A) your Available Balance, including the 4% fee that will get deducted, or B) the Maximum Bet offered by the Maker. 

For example,  if you have a $25.00 Available Balance left in your account, and the Maximum Bet offered by the Maker is $100.00, tapping the Max Bet button will automatically pre-fill in a bet amount of $24.03, which is calculated as follows: $25 divided by 1.04 (for the 5% Taker fee). Thus, $24.03 will be your bet amount, $0.97 will be your Taker fees that get deducted; and it will leave you with a leftover balance of $0. 

If you instead have $1,000 in your Available Balance and you come across a bet where the Maximum Bet amount is $100, tapping on the Max Bet button will pre-fill in an amount of $100.00, because you have sufficient funds to cover the full cost of the bet, but the maximum you can bet is $100, as set by the Maker.

Once you've determined the amount of your bet, the final step is to tap the green "Accept Bet" button at the bottom:

Once you confirm that you want to accept the bet, you are locked into a contract on the bet that can't be undone, so be sure that you really intend to accept the bet once you do so.

You'll get a confirmation that the bet has been accepted, and that the funds have been deducted from your account:

Lastly, if you don't have sufficient funds in your Available Balance to accept the full amount of the bet offered by the Maker when you first come to this screen, you'll be shown a "Deposit More Funds" button at the bottom. You can tap on that button and use it as an opportunity to add more funds to your Available Balance before coming back and accepting the bet:

Video tutorial on accepting bets as a Taker:

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