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Wire Transfer Withdrawals
Wire Transfer Withdrawals

Withdraw funds from your ZenSports wagering account directly into your bank account via wire transfer.

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Please follow the instructions below carefully to withdraw your funds via wire transfer. Most importantly, be sure that you send the request email from the same email address that's on file with your ZenSports account and that your address and date of birth are the same as in your ZenSports account.

Wire Withdrawal Instructions

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line of Wire Transfer Withdrawal Request. Include the following information in the body of your email:

  1. First and Last Name (Beneficiary Name)

  2. Bank Address

  3. Account Number

  4. Routing Number

  5. Your Complete Mailing Address

  6. Your Date of Birth

  7. Withdrawal Amount

Outgoing wire transfers from withdrawal requests will be sent within 24 business hours of the request, excluding weekends, US holidays, and other observed banking holidays. Generally speaking, you should then receive the wire transfer into your bank account 24 business hours after we send it (so 48 business hours after you request it). However, processing times by your bank may vary.

NOTE: There are NO limits when withdrawing funds from ZenSports via wire transfer.

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