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Viewing Parlay Card Results
Viewing Parlay Card Results

Did you win, lose, or tie your Parlay?

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Viewing the results of your Parlay Card is almost identical to viewing the results of an individual bet.

REMINDER: Each bet in a Parlay Card must win for you to win the Parlay Card. If even one bet / leg of the Parlay Card loses, the entire Parlay Card loses.

Just like with viewing individual bet results, you have two options for viewing Parlay Card results:

  1. Tap on the Push Notification or In-Product Notification that ZenSports automatically sends you.

  2. Go into the History filter on the Results screen.

Option 1 - Tapping on the Push or In-Product Notification

This is the easiest way to view results for a Parlay Card, and will allow you to skip all of the steps below that are in Option 2 for going to the Results screen. This is because all you have to do to view results under this option is tap on the notification that ZenSports automatically sends you once results are in for the Parlay Card. Be sure that you haven't turned off Push and In-Product Notifications in your Settings!

Once you tap on this notification, it will take you directly to the View Results screen for that Parlay Card.

Push Notification Example:

In-Product Notification Example:

Parlay Card View Results screen that you'll see with all of the Parlay result details after tapping on the notification:

You can also tap on any individual bet within the Parlay Card View Results screen to see the scores or detailed results of that particular bet within a Parlay Card:

Option 2 - Going to the Results screen directly

The Results screen is where you can view everything related to all of your bets and parlay cards. Once results have been submitted, using the Results screen to view the results of a parlay card will take a bit more work, but is slightly better if you get a lot of notifications that you don't want to sift through.

Step 1

Go to the Results screen, which can be found in the bottom navigation bar:

By default, you'll see all of your Current individual bets and Parlays (the above screenshot example is showing parlay cards only since this support article relates to parlay cards). "Current" means individual bets and parlay cards where results are still pending.

Step 2 (skippable)

If you tap on a Parlay Card while it's still sitting in the Current filter of the Results screen (prior to results being settled), you'll see the following version of the Parlay Card View Results screen, allowing you to view all of the details of your Parlay Card, but also letting you know that ZenSports hasn't submitted results yet:

Step 3

Once ZenSports has settled Parlay results, in addition to getting the notifications mentioned in Option 1 above, the bet will move into the History filter on the Results screen. You can access historical Parlay results by tapping on the filter of the Results screen:

From there, select "Parlays" and "History" to view Parlay Cards where results have been submitted by ZenSports:

Step 5

Once you've filtered by historical Parlays, tap on the Parlay Card that you want to view results for:

Step 6

You'll see the same Parlay Card View Results screen as you would if you tapped on the notification in Option 1 letting you know that results are in:

You can also tap on any individual bet within the Parlay Card View Results screen to see the scores or detailed results of that particular bet within a Parlay Card:

NOTE: Parlay Card results will be submitted / settled upon the earlier of:

  1. One of the bets / legs in a Parlay Card losing.

  2. The event for the latest bet / leg in a Parlay Card being completed.

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