Accepting Bets

How to accept a bet (that's not a parlay card).

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Note: this support library article is for accepting individual bets, not parlay cards. You can click HERE to view how to create parlay cards.

Once you've deposited funds into your ZenSports account, and found a list of bets that you're interested in potentially accepting, you're now ready to accept your first bet!

Step 1

To accept a bet, first, tap on the bet itself from the list of bets that you're looking at:

Step 2

Once you tap on a bet from the list, you'll be taken to the "Accept Bet" screen. At the top of the Accept Bet screen, you'll see a summary again of the bet details that were shown to you in the list on the previous screen. You'll also see your Available Balance so that you know how much you have available to accept the bet with:

The Max Bet amount that you can accept is displayed at the top with the Max Bet label:

You do not need to accept the full amount of the bet offered. You can partially accept a bet for as little as $1.00 if you'd like.

NOTE: ZenSports sets a specific amount of liquidity that it will offer the entire market for a particular bet -- as customers begin accepting a particular bet, that total liquidity amount will shrink. So while ZenSports never limits the liquidity offered to an individual customer based on skill-level, you may notice that there is less liquidity for you to accept, depending on how much liquidity prior customers have already taken. This means if you want maximum liquidity for a particular bet, you need to accept it as quickly as possible. Once the liquidity for a particular bet is gone, ZenSports may or may not offer additional liquidity for that particular bet.

To accept a bet from this screen, first type in an amount that you'd like to accept, up to the Max Bet amount displayed or the amount available in your wallet balance (whichever is less):  

Once you've determined the amount of your bet, the final step is to tap the white "Accept Bet" button at the bottom:

Once you confirm that you want to accept the bet, you are locked into a contract on the bet that can't be undone, so be sure that you really intend to accept the bet once you do so.

You'll get a confirmation that the bet has been accepted and that the funds have been deducted from your account:

Lastly, if you don't have sufficient funds in your Available Balance to accept the full amount of the bet when you first come to this screen, you'll be shown a "Deposit Funds" button at the bottom. You can tap on that button and use it as an opportunity to add more funds to your Available Balance before coming back and accepting the bet:

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