If you haven't yet read why you need to get KYC/AML verified or the different KYC/AML verification options, please read the following support article first:

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) Requirements & Verification

The rest of this support article will cover how to get KYC/AML verified when withdrawing funds using any currency/method or depositing funds via wire transfer through the integration we have with Prime Trust. No KYC/AML verification is required when depositing funds via cryptocurrency.

1. To begin the process of getting KYC/AML verified through Prime Trust in the ZenSports app, you must first start doing one of the following:

  1. Make a withdrawal via any currency/method.

  2. Make a deposit via wire transfer.

REMINDER: the KYC/AML verification via Prime Trust is a global verification within ZenSports, which means if you go through that verification, you're automatically verified for everything within ZenSports -- depositing or withdrawing fiat, as well as withdrawing cryptocurrency funds (note: there's never a KYC/AML requirement when depositing cryptocurrencies).

Step 1

Depositing Funds via fiat (wire transfer)

If you have not been KYC/AML verified through Prime Trust yet and you attempt to deposit funds using wire transfer, you will get the following "KYC/AML Verification Needed" pop up:

Withdrawing Funds

If you have not been KYC/AML verified through Prime Trust yet and you attempt to withdraw funds, you will see the following screen:

Step 2

After you tap "Got It" from the "KYC/AML Verification Needed" pop up or tap on "Get Verified" on the Withdraw Funds screen, you will be taken to the "KYC/AML Verification" screen:

Step 3

On the KYC/AML Verification screen, your name, DOB, and email will automatically be pre-filled based on your ZenSports profile. You'll just need to add your Address and tap "Continue":

Step 4

You will then be taken to the Upload Documentation screen:

On the Upload Documentation screen, you will be asked for several pieces of information about your proof of identity documentation.

Document ID Number - This is your Driver's License number, Passport number, Country ID card number, etc., and will vary depending on the type of document you choose to use for your proof of identity.

Issuing Country of Document - This is the country that issued the proof of identity that you chose.

Document Type - This is the type of document you are choosing to upload for your proof of identity. We accept the following documentation:

  • Passports

  • Government ID

  • Drivers License

  • Residence Permits

Front and Back of ID - You will need to upload an image of your proof of identity document. All document types require you to upload the front and back of the ID except for passports. 

Prime Trust Agreement - You will also be asked to confirm that you have read the Prime Trust agreement.

Step 5

After you have entered in all the information on the Upload Documentation screen and tapped "Submit", you will be taken to the Pending KYC/AML Verification screen:

The Pending KYC/AML Verification screen will give you more information on when to expect the verification to be approved and what to do if you verification fails. 

The verification can take as quickly as a minute if you passed the automatic document check. If you fail that, your KYC will go to a manual review which could take 2-3 business days. Either way, you will get notified of the status of your verification as soon as it's been completed.

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