Gaming and legal regulations require that we verify you are who you say you are, that you're not a criminal laundering money through ZenSports for nefarious purposes, etc. This means that ZenSports is responsible for collecting "Know Your Customer" (KYC) and "Anti Money Laundering" (AML) documentation from you before you can withdraw funds from ZenSports or before you can deposit fiat funds via wire transfer.

All customers that wish to withdraw funds using any currency/method or deposit funds via wire transfer must get KYC/AML verified. No KYC/AML verification is required when depositing funds via cryptocurrency.

ZenSports has partnered with Prime Trust to process KYC/AML verifications. We've integrated this verification process directly within the ZenSports app, so you never need to leave and go somewhere else to get KYC/AML verified.

The KYC/AML verification via Prime Trust is a global verification within ZenSports, which means if you go through that verification, you're automatically verified for everything within ZenSports -- depositing or withdrawing fiat, as well as withdrawing cryptocurrency funds (note: there's never a KYC/AML requirement when depositing cryptocurrencies).

The KYC/AML verification via Yoti (see below) when withdrawing cryptocurrency funds is only valid for withdrawing cryptocurrency funds. If you then later choose to deposit/withdraw funds via fiat, you will be required to go through Prime Trust's KYC/AML verification. 

The reason for why there is a separate KYC/AML verification process for fiat transactions is that there are very strict banking regulations when it comes to any kind of fiat transactions, and those require their own special verification. Conversely, if you go through that stricter KYC/AML verification, you're good to go on anything else within our app. 

As mentioned above, we also offer a separate verification method for withdrawing cryptocurrency funds outside of our app via Yoti. However, that method requires a few manual steps on your end to submit information and a few manual steps on our end to approve the verification, so we recommend sticking with the Prime Trust integration method in our app, as the Prime Trust method is fast, easy, and automated.

If you ever have any questions or problems in getting verified, just chat with us in the app or on our website.

How To Get Verified

Check out the following support articles for the step-by-step instructions on getting KYC/AML verified based on the corresponding method that you choose:

Prime Trust KYC/AML verification method (preferred)

Yoti KYC/AML verification (alternative)

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