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Notification Group Types
Notification Group Types

How ZenSports classifies the different types of notifications that we send to you.

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Within the 3 types of Notification Methods that ZenSports sends to you, ZenSports classifies those Notifications into 4 group types:

  1. All Notifications -- every notification under the ZenSports sun.

  2. Important Reminders -- important reminders and confirmations that you should NOT turn off. This includes notifications like reminders that bet results were settled.

  3. Product & Sports Betting Tips -- training and product tips on how to use our app, along with sports betting tips.

  4. Special Promotions & Offers -- receive special promotions, offers, and bonus opportunities from ZenSports.

If you're updating your Notification Settings, you'll notice on that screen that you can unsubscribe/un-subscribe to each of these 4 different Notification Groupings for both Push and Email Notification Methods.

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