Within the 3 types of Notification Methods that ZenSports sends to you, ZenSports classifies those Notifications into 4 group types:

  1. All Notifications -- every notification under the ZenSports sun.

  2. Important Reminders -- important reminders and confirmations that you should NOT turn off. This includes notifications like reminders to submit results as the Maker or that results were submitted as the Taker.

  3. Product & Sports Betting Tips -- training and product tips on how to use our app, along with sports betting tips.

  4. Special Promotions & Offers -- receive special promotions, offers, and bonus opportunities from ZenSports.

If you're updating your Notification Settings, you'll notice on that screen that you can unsubscribe/un-subscribe to each of these 4 different Notification Groupings for both Push and Email Notification Methods.

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