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Transfers Between ZenSports Play+ and ZenSports Wagering Account
Transfers Between ZenSports Play+ and ZenSports Wagering Account

Transfer funds between your ZenSports Play+ account and ZenSports wagering account wallet.

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ZenSports has partnered with Sightline to make it super easy to instantly deposit and withdraw funds into/from your account, so you don't have to incur any long delays and can get started in betting on sports right away.

All deposits will be credited into your ZenSports Play+ account first. You can consider your Play+ account as a virtual bank account where you can deposit money into and withdraw money from. For the State of Tennessee, Play+ allows you to deposit funds using debit card, ACH, or Paypal (currently, credit cards are not accepted or allowed for Tennessee).

After depositing funds into your Play+ account, you can then transfer those funds into your actual ZenSports wagering account wallet in order to place bets.

Here is a general flow on how deposits and transfers work:
Debit Card / ACH / PayPal ---> Play+ account ---> ZenSports wagering account

Transfer Funds from Play+ account to ZenSports

If you already deposited funds into your Play+ account using a Debit Card, PayPal, or ACH (Online Banking) but did not already transfer the funds from your Play+ account into your ZenSports wagering account, you can still do so later on at anytime by following the steps below.

Step 1

Tap on "Funds" at the bottom navigation bar then select "ZenSports Play+ Transfer":

Step 2

You will see the total amount of funds in your Play+ account and your ZenSports account here. Tap on the "Transfer funds" tab to transfer all remaining funds from your Play+ account into your ZenSports account:

Step 3

If successful, you'll receive a notification that the transfer has successfully gone through:

Step 4

Your ZenSports account will show your new balance on the "Funds" tab, and you can now begin placing wagers:

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