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Closing / Deactivating your ZenSports account (Self-Limiting & Self-Exclusion)
Closing / Deactivating your ZenSports account (Self-Limiting & Self-Exclusion)

Request to close/deactivate your ZenSports account.

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At ZenSports, we want our customers to have fun while betting on their favorite sporting events so they can maximize their entertainment experience. Of course, like many things in life, moderation is key which is why we at ZenSports are deeply committed to ensuring a Responsible Gaming experience. As such, ZenSports allows you the option to temporarily or permanently deactivate your account for whatever period you desire by either self-limiting or self-excluding yourself.

Please read the Responsible Gaming support article about how to self-limit or self-exclude yourself within the ZenSports app or by contacting customer support.

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