You've put in a lot of time playing the game to sharpen your skills, clocked endless hours of practice to hone your strategy, and now you've participated in Esports competitions and have won!

Now what? How do you get access to your prize money? This article will walk you through the exact steps you need to take in order to claim your hard-earned prize money.

Before we get into the list of steps you need to take to get paid out, let's take a minute to understand the terms of how prizes are paid out in ZenSports.

  1. All prizes will be paid out as credits to customers’ ZenSports accounts (either in USD, Bitcoin, ICX, or SPORTS).

  2. All withdrawal requests must be submitted directly within the ZenSports app and all customers must go through KYC/AML verification and meet ZenSports’ Terms & Conditions for submitting withdrawal requests.

  3. ZenSports does NOT offer third-party payment options such as PayPal, Venmo, etc.

Get KYC Verified

After signing up for a ZenSports account one of the very first things you should do is go through KYC/AML verification. You have 2 options to get KYC Verified:

Prime Trust KYC/AML verification method

  • Prime Trust KYC verification allows you to withdraw funds via wire transfer directly to your bank. However, there are some limitations for international customers such as needing a US intermediary bank to process wire transfers.

  • This verification will also allow you to withdraw funds via cryptocurrency.

  • This process can only be done in the ZenSports app.

  • It is a more stringent KYC process because it allows you access to transfers directly to your bank account.

Yoti KYC/AML verification method

  • If for some reason your verification fails with PrimeTrust, you can get KYC/AML verified outside of ZenSports via Yoti.

  • Going through this verification only allows for cryptocurrency withdrawals in the ZenSports app. You will not have access to withdrawals via wire transfer.

Participate in competitions and win prize money

Winnings for competitions are automatically credited to your account at the end of the competition. You can view your winnings right in your Funds wallet.

Withdraw your winnings

After you have gone through KYC Verification, you will now be able to withdraw your prize money in the ZenSports app.

Again, there are no payments of prize money outside of the ZenSports app. Payments are credited to your ZenSports account and then you can withdraw provided you are KYC verified. You can reference this support library collection on withdrawing funds HERE to learn more about how to withdraw from your ZenSports account.

A few notes on withdrawals:

  • There are withdrawal fees and withdrawal minimums for USD, BTC, and ICX withdrawals. You can reference the following support article for more info on withdrawal fees/minimums HERE.

  • Withdrawals also have a processing time. You can reference the following support article for more info on withdrawal processing times HERE.

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