As a competition director, you can easily create a bracket based on the format you set for the competition and the number of registered players signed up.

Step 1

To get started creating a bracket for a competition, tap the "Play" menu item in the bottom navigation bar:

Step 2

On the Play screen tap on a competition you want to create a bracket for:

Step 3

After tapping on the competition, you will be taken to the competition's screen. Scroll down to the Upcoming Matches section. You will see that there are no upcoming matches because the entries have not yet been closed.

Tap on "Close Entries" to close further player registrations and generate a bracket based on the Format of the competition and the current number of players registered.

Step 4

After you "Close Entries" and the bracket has been created. You will see the Upcoming Matches section get populated and there is now a "View Bracket" CTA on the Competition screen.

Step 5

Tap "View Bracket" to see the newly generated bracket.

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