ZenSports makes it really easy to watch esports tournaments in the app. As a spectator, you can follow along with the tournament as it progresses and even watch the matches from different player's perspectives.

1. To get started, tap the "More" menu item in the bottom navigation bar, then the "Play" menu item once on the More screen:

2. On the Play screen, simply tap on a tournament to view it.

3. After tapping on the tournament you want to view, you will be taken to the Tournament screen of that specific tournament.

4. On the Tournament screen, you can watch the tournament broadcast. This broadcast is hosted by the Tournament Director they usually will use this broadcast make commentary and/or other announcements about the tournament.

You can also watch the individual player streams by tapping on "Watch More Streams". This will take you to the Watch Tournament screen:

Tapping on the individual players will open up their Twitch stream.

NOTE: Only registered players who have linked their Twitch channel will show up in this list.

4. Another way to watch the matches is through the Match Details screen.

You can get to the Match Details screen in several different ways.

  • Tournament screen - Tapping on the Match cards on the Upcoming matches section.

  • Bracket - Tapping on the Match cards in the bracket will take you to the Match Details screen of that match.

  • Upcoming / Completed Matches screens - Tapping on the match cards of the Upcoming and Completed Match screens will take you to the Match Details screen of that match.

5. On the Match Details screen, you can switch between each player's stream and view the match from each player's perspective.

NOTE: For completed matches, the tournament broadcast will be shown on the Match Details screen instead of the player streams.

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