As a Player in a competition, you can link your Twitch channel so that others can watch your stream during a match.

Step 1

To get started linking your Twitch channel, tap the "Play" menu item in the bottom navigation bar :

Step 2

On the Play screen tap on a competition you want to link your twitch channel for:

Step 3

After tapping on a competition, you will be taken to the Competition screen. From here tap on the menu on the top right:

Step 4

Tapping on the menu on the top right will bring up the competition player menu options. Tap on the "Link Twitch Channel" option:

Step 5

After tapping on the "Link Twitch Channel" option you will be brought to the Link Twitch Channel screen.

Enter your Twitch username and Tap "Save". This will link your Twitch channel to your competition profile. Other users will now be able to view your channel on the Player Streams screen and also on the Match Details screen so that they can watch the match from your perspective.

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