As a Competition Director, you can easily manage the competition prize money in order to set the payouts for winners in your competition.

Step 1

To get started managing competition prize money, tap the "Play" menu item in the bottom navigation bar:

Step 2

On the Play screen tap on a competition you want to manage the prize money for:

Step 3

After tapping on the competition, you will be taken to the Competition screen. From here tap on the menu on the top right:

Step 4

Tapping on the menu on the top right will bring up the competition director menu options. Tap on the "Allocate Prize Money" option:

Step 5

Tapping on the "Allocate Prize Money" option will bring you to the Entry Fees / Prize Money screen. Tap on "Allocate Prize Money"

Step 6

Tapping on the "Allocate Prize Money" will bring you to the Allocate Prize Money:

Step 7

On this screen, simply enter the amounts you want each place to win and tap "Save". You will be asked to confirm the Prize Money allocation because the total amount will be deducted from your wallet:

After you confirm the Prize Money, the allocations will be saved and will reflect on the Prize Money section of the Competitions screen:

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