ZenSports allows you to easily edit a competition you manage.

Step 1

To get started editing a competition, tap the "Play" menu item in the bottom navigation bar:

Step 2

On the Play screen tap on a competition you want to edit:

Step 3

After tapping on a competition, you will be taken to the Competition screen. From here tap on the menu on the top right:

Step 4

Tapping on the menu on the top right will bring up the competition director menu options. Tap on the "Edit Competition" option:

Step 5

Tapping on the "Edit Competition" option will bring you to the Edit Competition Details screen:

On the Edit Competition Details screen, you will see 5 sections that represent each step from the Create Competition flow.

Step 6

Tapping on the "Edit" CTA of each section will bring up that specific step where you will be able to edit those details for that section. Tap on "Save" to save your updates to the competition.

NOTE: there are a few instances where certain sections can no longer be updated:

  • After a player has registered for your competition or Prize money has been allocated, the Competition Fees can no longer be changed.

  • After entries have been closed, the Competition Format can no longer be changed.

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