ZenSports allows you to easily register for any competition you want to participate in.

Step 1

To get started registering for a competition, tap the "Play" menu item in the bottom navigation bar :

Step 2

On the Play screen tap on a competition you want to participate in as a player:

Step 3

After tapping on a competition, you will be taken to the Competition screen. Here you can tap the "Register For Competition" CTA, which will take you to the Register For Competition screen:

Step 4

On the Register for Competition screen, you can enter your Discord ID. This is an optional field that can be used if your competition director is additionally using Discord to manage the competition. Filling this field out will send them your Discord ID:

Tap on "Register for Competition" and you will be asked to confirm your entry.

Step 5

On the confirmation pop-up, tap "Yes, Register for Competition" and you will be taken back to the Competition screen.

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