If you haven't yet read the support article on the difference between SPORT security tokens and SPORTS utility tokens, be sure to read that first:


When holding SPORTS utility tokens within ZenSports, you can easily manage your funds directly within the app. SPORT security tokens can never be held within the ZenSports app.

Both SPORT security tokens and SPORTS utility tokens can also be held outside of ZenSports! (again, SPORT security tokens can only be held outside of ZenSports)

SPORT security tokens and SPORTS utility tokens are both built on ICON’s blockchain protocol. ICON has created its own wallet to manage tokens built on its protocol. The name of this wallet is called ICONex. You will need to create an ICONex wallet in order to view your SPORT and/or SPORTS tokens outside of ZenSports.

Here are the steps to creating an ICONex wallet:

  1. Add the ICONex extension to your Chrome browser, or

  2. Download the Android or iOS mobile app:

Of course, you can also add both the Chrome extension and download the app for easier management of your wallet in multiple places.

If you’re still struggling with how to create an ICONex wallet, you can check out the following instructional video explaining how to set up an ICONex wallet:


You can also check out the Appendix section at the end of this blog post from ICON, which goes into more detail on how to create an ICONex wallet:


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