You can use your Apple ID to create an account or sign in to ZenSports with the Sign in with Apple feature.

  1. On the main Sign Up screen tap on the "Sign in with Apple" button.

2. If this is your first time using "Sign in with Apple" you will get a prompt to continue signing in with your Apple ID and if you want to Share or Hide your email.

  • If you don't have an existing account with ZenSports you will be taken through the signup flow and you're account will be created using the email address associated with your Apple ID email address. NOTE: if you chose to hide your email address, you ZenSports account will use an auto-generated email address created by Apple that will forward any emails sent to it, to your email address associated with your Apple ID.

  • If you already have an existing account with ZenSports that matches the email on your Apple ID, you will be signed in into that account.

3. If this is not your first time using the "Sign in with Apple" feature on ZenSports you will just be prompted to continue, before you are signed in to your account.

4. If you wish to stop using your Apple ID with ZenSports, you can simply revoke the access in your security settings on your iPhone.

To do this, go to your iPhone Settings:

Settings -> Apple ID -> Password & Security -> Apps Using Apple ID

Then tap on the app you wish to revoke access to (in this case ZenSports) :

When you get to the ZenSports Apple ID settings, you can tap on "Stop Using Apple ID" to stop using Apple ID to sign into ZenSports.

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