We’re excited to announce a new free and open API that will allow anyone to tap into the ZenSports features remotely without having to use the actual app!

With the new open API, sports bettors, developers, and enterprise clients can set up the ability to automatically create, accept, and manage bets en masse, set up automatic deposits and withdrawals in any currency, and utilize a host of other features remotely outside of the app.

For power users of our app that want to perform a high volume of transactions, manually performing those transactions one at a time within our app isn’t ideal. By offering an open API, those power users can automate a lot of the functionality that they would want to perform. We expect the open API to be perfect for market makers and bookmakers that are looking for an additional distribution channel to automatically add a lot of their bets to. Of course, all Makers still have to follow the rules of our decentralized marketplace, but our consumers are always looking for more liquidity, and so this should be a very attractive option for market makers and bookmakers.

The new open API will also be perfect for online sports betting operators and affiliate marketers that have a front-end betting infrastructure built, but that need the back-end infrastructure that ZenSports provides. This would allow front-end operators to tap into the ZenSports API to create new users, set up accounts, and utilize the ZenSports Referral Bonuses program to make an additional income.

Developers that are interested in utilizing the new ZenSports open API can access the documentation at:

Within this documentation are the following API calls and features that developers can tap into:

  • Funds and Transactions

  • Betting

  • Countries

  • Cryptocurrency Transactions

  • Fantasy Contests

  • Referral Bonuses

  • SPORTS Exchange

  • SPORTS Rewards Program

  • SPORTS Token API

  • Users

Again, this open API is completely free to sports bettors, developers, and enterprise clients, so get started in using ZenSports remotely today!

ZenSports also offers other paid business solutions for enterprise clients, including:

  • White labeled apps

  • SPORTS Cryptocurrency Token API

  • Professional & Development Services

  • Co-Marketing / Affiliate Marketing

Click HERE to find out more info about the above paid solutions, or chat with us in the lower right corner or send an email to [email protected].

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