ICON, which is the blockchain technology that the SPORTS token is built on, has created a simple tool to swap other with tokens that are also built on the ICON blockchain. These tokens are also referred to as IRC2 tokens. 

For example, if you wanted to swap some Tap tokens with SPORTS you can do so with ICONSwap. 

Step 1:

To get started in swapping IRC2 tokens go to the ICONSwap website: https://iconation.github.io/iconswap/#/.

Which will take you to the ICONSwap main page:

Step 2:
To begin swapping you'll need to connect your ICONX wallet by clicking on "ICONex Connect"

Step 3:
Next you will get a prompt to confirm the ICONex wallet you want to connect to. 

Tap "Confirm" to be taken to the Swap screen:

Step 4:
On the Swap screen, you will select the token you are offering on the left and enter the amount.

Step 5:
On the right side of the Swap screen, you will select the token you want to swap to and the amount you want to receive. Click "Create Swap" to be taken to the confirm prompt.

Step 6:
Once you click "Create Swap", you will need to confirm the details of the swap. Click "Transfer" to create the swap order. 

NOTE: you will need to Click "Transfer" twice as you need to verify the amount details as well as the address details of the swap.

Step 7:

Once you have confirmed the swap information, you will get a confirmation pop up and confirmation screen like the ones below:

Step 8:
You can also view/manage your pending swaps by clicking on the "Account" button at the top. 

Here you will see a list of all your swaps, both pending on the left and filled on the right. You can cancel your pending swaps by clicking on the "Withdraw" button.

NOTE: Please join the ICONSwap Telegram Group: https://t.me/iconswap for additional questions or help using the tool.

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