The process for adding debit cards for depositing USD funds is simple. 

You can add debit cards in 1 of 2 ways.
1. Through the Deposit Amount screen by making a deposit via debit card:

2. Through the Manage Debit Cards screen:

3. By tapping on "Add Debit Card" on either of those screens you will be taken to the Add Debit Card screen:

4. On the Add Debit Card screen you will need to enter you debit card information and then tap "Save"

5. Once you've submitted your debit card information, you will be taken to the Debit Card Authorization screen.

6. On the Debit Card Authorization screen, you will be instructed to login into your online bank account that your debit card is associated with to retrieve a 4 digit code, The code is located in the description of a test transaction in your statements. The description of the transaction should have the PRM label on it along with the 4 digit code. This process is necessary in order to make sure that you are the owner of the debit card.

Enter that code in the Verification code field of the Debit Card Authorization screen and tap "Verify" to authorize the debit card. 

7. Once the debit card has been authorized you can begin making deposits via debit card!

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