This support article already assumes that you've gone through the Prime Trust KYC/AML verification since ZenSports requires that all customers go through Prime Trust KYC/AML verification prior to depositing funds via wire transfer. If you have not already gone through Prime Trust KYC/AML verification, you will need to do that first before proceeding to depositing funds via wire transfer. Click here to read the support article on how to go through Prime Trust KYC/AML verification.

ZenSports makes it super easy to instantly deposit USD via Wire Transfer into your account, so you don't have to incur any long delays, and can get started in betting on sports right away.

  1. To get started in depositing funds, tap the "Funds" menu item in the bottom navigation bar, then the "Deposit Funds" menu item once on the Funds screen:

2. Select "USD" as the method you'd like to use to deposit funds:

3. After you tap on "USD" as the method you want to deposit funds into your Zensports account.  You will be given a choice to deposit USD via USDT (Tether) or Wire Transfer.  Tap on "Wire Transfer":

4. After you select "Wire Transfer" as your method to deposit USD in the above screen, you'll be taken to the Wire Transfer Deposit screen. 

5. On this screen there will be wire instructions for where you need to send your funds.

NOTE: Make sure to include the Reference Code in the instructions when you send the wire. Not doing so could result in your funds getting lost. 

6. Once you have sent you have wired your funds you will get a notification once the funds have settled and your USD wallet will be credited.

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