ZenSports offers trading in SPORTS/USDT, SPORTS/BTC, and ICX/USDT. To get started with trading within ZenSports:

Step 1

On the Play App, Tap the "Exchange" menu item in the bottom navigation bar:

This experience is slightly different on the Bet App. Here you will need to Tap the "Funds" menu item in the bottom navigation bar, then the "Exchange" menu item on the Funds screen:

Step 2

After tapping "Exchange" on the Play App or Bet App you will be taken to the "Crypto Exchange" screen or "Markets" screen respectively. This is where you will see the different trading pairs that are available:




Tap on any of the above trading pairs to be taken to the Trade screen for that specific trading pair. 

Step 3

After you tap on the trading pair you want to trade from the Markets screen, you will be taken to the Trade tab of the main Trade screen. On this screen, there are several sections:

(1) Market Information - In this section, you will find the following information:

  • Latest market price and whether it has gone up or down since the last market price. Green means the price has up and red means the price has gone down. It will also show the USD equivalent of the price.

  • Price percentage change in the last 24 hrs.

  • Trading Volume, which is how many SPORTS tokens were traded in the last 24 hrs.

(2) Order Form - This is where you will be placing the parameters of your order.

  • Buy or Sell - This determines if you'll be Buying or Selling the first currency in the trading pair. If you chose buy, you will be buying SPORTS, and if you choose sell, you'll be selling SPORTS (into whichever trading pair you choose - USDT or BTC).

  • Market or Limit Order - Here you will decide if you want to Buy or Sell based on a price you determine (Limit Order) or if you don't care about the price and just want to buy or sell the currency.

  • Price - This is the price that you want to buy or sell SPORTS tokens at. Price is always in terms of the second currency. This field is only enabled for Limit Orders, since Market Orders will be executed at whatever price it takes to fill your entire Order.

  • Amount - This is always how many SPORTS tokens you want to buy or sell.

  • Trading Balance - These are your funds that are available to trade with.

(3) Order Book -  This is a list of open Limit Orders from the market that have not been filled yet. The Limit Buy Orders are on the left with the price shown in green, while Limit Sell Orders are on the right with the price shown in red.

(4) Market Trades - This is all executed trades that have already happened, regardless of the type of order, trade, currency, buy/sell, etc. The trades are listed out in reverse chronological order (newest time to oldest time).

Step 4

Once you have filled in the order form and selected all your parameters for your order, tap on the "Buy SPORTS" or "Sell SPORTS" button to submit your order:

After you tap on the "Buy SPORTS" or "Sell SPORTS" button, your order will either execute and go into the Market Trades tab or go into the Order Book, depending on your order parameters. 

You can also see a transaction record in the Order History tab (Market or Limit Orders that got filled) or in the Open Orders tab (open Limit Orders that haven't yet been filled), as well as in the Transactions List from the Funds screen.

NOTE: There is a 0.1% Fee for Limit Orders based on the quantity filled and a 0.2% Fee for Market Orders based on the quantity filled.

**NOTE: ZenSports reserves the right to suspend your ability to trade within our exchange, as well as reverse or remove any trades you've made at anytime and for any reason and without warning if it suspects that you're engaging in some or all of the following activities:

1) Submitting limit orders with pricing so far off from what any reasonable person would pay, with the goal of tricking or scamming other customers.

2) Engaging in wash trading.

3) Violating our Terms & Conditions or other support library terms in any way.

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