ZenSports makes it super easy to instantly deposit USD via Skrill into your account, so you don't have to incur any long delays, and can get started in betting on sports right away.

  1. To get started in depositing funds, tap the "Funds" menu item in the bottom navigation bar, then the "Deposit Funds" menu item once on the Funds screen:

2. Select "USD" as the method you'd like to use to deposit funds:

3. After you tap on "USD" as the method you want to deposit funds into your Zensports account.  You will be giving a choice to deposit USD via USDT (Tether) or USD via Skrill.  Tap on "Skrill Digital Wallet":

4. After you select "Skrill Digital Wallet" as your method to deposit USD in the above screen, you'll be prompted to enter in the amount of USD you want to deposit. Once you are finished, tap the blue Continue button:


5. After you tap Continue, you'll then come to the following screen, where you will need to login into your Skrill Account.  (You can tap on "Sign up" if you don't have an account to create one.)

6. After you have signed in, you will be prompted to select the credit card you wish to use to fund the deposit.  Once you have selected the credit card and entered the security code of the credit card, tap "Pay Now":

7. After you tap "Pay Now", the transaction will process and give you a confirmation success confirmation that it went through:

Video tutorial on depositing funds:

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