ZenSports makes it super easy to instantly deposit Bitcoin into your account, so you don't have to incur any long delays, and can get started in betting on sports right away.

Step 1

To get started in depositing funds, tap the "Funds" menu item in the bottom navigation bar, then the "Deposit Funds" menu item once on the Funds screen:

Step 2

Select "Bitcoin" as the method you'd like to use to deposit funds:

Step 3

After you select "Bitcoin" as the method you want to deposit funds with in the above screen, you'll be prompted to enter in the amount in either Bitcoin  or $USD equivalent amount. You can use the toggle to choose which input you want to enter the value in.  For example, if you want to deposit $25 worth of Bitcoin, you can either enter $25 in the USD input or enter 0.00287011 in the Bitcoin input (This is based on an exchange rate of $8,710.48 / 1 Bitcoin). Once you are finished, tap the blue Continue button:

Step 4

After you tap Continue, you'll then come to the following screen. See below the screenshot for an explanation of the four labeled sections:

Section 1 - This is the amount of the cryptocurrency that you need to send based on the USD amount that you typed into the previous screen. In this example, you'll need to send 0.024035 BTC in order to deposit $500 in your account.

Section 2 - This is the toggle where you can choose to either display the temporary wallet address to send funds to or display the QR code to scan and send funds to.

Section 3 - Assuming you have the "Copy" option toggled on, this is the temporary wallet address that is tied specifically to your ZenSports account. Any funds sent to this address will automatically be credited to your account, even if the timer above has expired. This wallet address changes each time you come to this screen for security purposes, but it's always tied to your account.

Section 4 - These are quick copy buttons that you can use to easily copy the wallet address or amount to the clipboard on your phone.

Step 5

As the final step for depositing Bitcoin into your ZenSports account, you will need to send funds from your personal Bitcoin wallet to the temporary wallet address displayed on the screen above. You can send ANY amount of Bitcoin to the temporary wallet displayed to you -- you do NOT need to send in the exact amount that you typed in on the previous screen. That amount just makes it easier to know how much you need to send in order to get that equivalent amount. But no matter how much you send in, ZenSports will automatically calculate the equivalent $USD amount and will credit your account.

Video tutorial on depositing funds:

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