ZenSports makes it super easy to instantly exchange funds between your different currency wallets of SPORTS, Bitcoin, and USD.

  1. To get started in exchanging funds, tap the "Funds" menu item in the bottom navigation bar, then the "Exchange Funds" menu item once on the Funds screen:

2. In order to exchange funds, first select the "Source Wallet", which is the wallet holding the currency you will be exchanging funds from:

3. Then select which exact wallet and currency that you want to exchange funds from - you can either select your SPORTS, BTC, or USD wallet. Of course, you must already have funds in your source wallet in order to choose that option:

4. Once you have selected a Source wallet, you now need to select the "Receiving Wallet", which is the wallet holding the currency you will be exchanging funds into

NOTE: You can't select the same Receiving Wallet as the Source Wallet (we hope that's obvious, but just in case it's not . . . )

5. After you select both the Source Wallet and the Receiving Wallet, you can enter in the amount you would like to exchange from the Source Wallet into the Receiving wallet. You will also see how much of the new currency you will receive and the New Balance of the Receiving wallet:

6. Tap the "Exchange" button at the bottom to officially make the exchange. You'll then be asked to confirm the exchange in the ensuing pop-up:

There is a 5% convenience fee that is deducted from the Source Wallet when making the exchange. For example, if you exchange $10 from USD into SPORTS, there will be an exchange fee of $0.50 on top of the $10 that gets deducted from your USD wallet. Once you complete the exchange, you'll see the updated balance in both your Source and Receiving Wallets. 

**NOTE: You cannot exchange from SPORTS tokens into any other currency within the ZenSports app. Instead you can use the Dcoin exchange where SPORTS tokens are listed on to exchange your SPORTS tokens. You can also use Dcoin to buy SPORTS tokens if you'd like to avoid the 5% convenience fee that ZenSports charges.

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