ZenSports offers a Referral Bonus Program, whereby you can earn money for referring your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else to ZenSports! 

For everyone that you refer to ZenSports, you’ll earn a 30% Commission on their Betting Fees paid in SPORTS tokens for the first 6 months that they’re a customer. And they’ll receive a $500 Free Play Bonus in SPORTS tokens when they sign up with your referral code (instead of the standard $100 Free Play Bonus in SPORTS tokens). It’s a win-win for you and them!

How It Works

Step 1

To get started in referring others to ZenSports, tap  the “More” icon in the bottom right of the navigation bar within the ZenSports app, then tap the “Referral Bonuses” menu item from within the More screen:

Step 2

On the Referral Bonuses screen, you’ll see a Referral Bonus Code that is uniquely tied to your ZenSports account. This code never changes, and will always be the same code that you use over and over again to refer others to ZenSports. So you can share this code and feel comfortable knowing that it will never expire or change:

Step 3

ZenSports makes it easy for you to share this code out to everyone in your network. You can tap the “Copy Referral Bonus Code” menu row to copy your code to your clipboard, and then share it on your own with your own messaging and content around it:

Or, you can tap the “Share using Pre-Populated Content” menu row, and ZenSports will copy a pre-populated message to your clipboard that talks about the Referral Bonus Program, and allows you to simply copy and paste that pre-populated message to your social media channels, instant/text messages, website, or anywhere else that you’d like:

Step 4

When one of your referrals signs up for a new ZenSports account, they’ll be able to paste in your referral code on the last screen before they finish signing up:

When they do this, your referral code will forever be tied to their account, and you’ll you’ll earn a 30% Commission on their Betting Fees paid in SPORTS tokens for the first 6 months that they’re a customer! Pretty cool, eh?

So what do your Referrals get?

Great question! When customers normally sign up without a referral code, they get a standard $100 Free Play Bonus in SPORTS tokens. However, by signing up with your referral code, they’ll instead get a $500 Free Play Bonus in SPORTS tokens. The way that the Free Play Bonus works is exactly the same in both cases, but in the case of redeeming your referral code, they’ll get 5 times the bonus

Click HERE for more details on how the Free Play Bonus works

How Bonus Payouts work

  1. When your Referral creates a new account, we’ll record their sign-up date. You will then receive a 30% commission/bonus on all of their Betting Fees paid in SPORTS tokens for the first 6 months from their sign-up date.
  2. After each month from their sign-up date, you’ll receive the 30% commission, which will automatically be added into your SPORTS token wallet within ZenSports. 
  3. You can view all of your Referrals, their SPORTS betting volume, commissions earned, etc. by tapping on the “View Bonuses” menu row within the Referral Bonuses screen:

Example Calculation

Jane refers Adam to ZenSports. Adam creates a new ZenSports account on May 12th and inputs Jane’s referral code when creating a new account. Adam pays 10,000 in SPORTS betting fees between May 12th and June 11th. On June 12th, Jane will receive a 3,000 SPORTS bonus into her account for the 30% commission based on Adam’s 10,000 SPORTS Betting Fees. This same process will repeat each month until November 12th, which will be the 6 month anniversary of when Adam created an account. After which, no more bonus payouts will be made to Jane for Adam’s betting volume.

Important Disclaimers and things to keep in mind

  1. Your Referral MUST redeem your code when signing up for a new ZenSports account the first time— they can NOT redeem it after they’ve already created a ZenSports account. The screen to redeem the code is obvious and transparent (see above), so no excuses :)
  2. Referral Bonuses are only earned when your Referrals bet in SPORTS tokens. Betting in Dollars, Bitcoin, or ICX do not count towards their betting fees for Referral Bonus commission purposes.
  3. All Referral Bonuses will be paid out in SPORTS tokens after each one month anniversary of the Referral, up to the first 6 months that the Referral has created a ZenSports account. No Referral Bonuses will be paid after the first 6 months of the Referral having created an account.
  4. You do not need to be betting within ZenSports yourself in order to earn Referral Bonuses. We fully expect and encourage those that enjoy and are good at marketing to use our platform as a way to generate some side/passive income for referring others to our app. Help us make money, and we’ll help you make money.
  5. While your Referrals are using up their initial deposit and/or their Free Play Bonus, you can NOT be the on the opposing side of any bet with them. This is to prevent fraud (see #6 below).
  6. Abuse or fraud will NEVER be tolerated. ZenSports does full KYC/AML checks on all customers, and if you’re caught trying to cheat or refer fake people in order to get bonuses, or if you're caught trying to create/accept bets with your referrals in order to guarantee that "one of you wins with the Free Play Bonus", all of your bonuses will be forfeited, and you’ll be banned from the ZenSports platform. We don’t cheat you, and we expect that you won’t cheat us.

**ZenSports reserves the right to modify or end this bonus program at any time for all customers or just specific customers that it deems necessary,

Now that that’s out of the way, get out there and start referring everyone to ZenSports!!!

Video tutorial on Referral Bonuses:

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