Regardless of whether you’re the Maker or Taker of a Contest, it’s better for you if there are as many contestants as possible, as that will drive up the Prize Pool to the maximum amount.

And of course, you may just want to have fun with your friends and invite them into Contests that you’re a part of as well.

For these and other reasons, ZenSports gives you the ability to generate unique, clickable links directly to your bets within our app, as well as the ability to easily share bets to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Text, and other social media. When someone outside of ZenSports clicks on this link, they’ll instantly be taken into the Contest Details screen of the Contest to review and enter the contest. If they don’t already have a ZenSports account, they’ll first be prompted to create one from the App Store or Play Store. 

Step 1

To share a Contest outside of ZenSports, first go to the Contest Details screen. Click HERE to view all of the different ways to get to the Contest Details screen of the contest.  

Step 2

You will see a “Share Link" on the Details screen. Tap on that, and a menu list of social sharing options outside of ZenSports will appear: 

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