Step 1

After you create a contest as the Maker, or enter into one as the Taker, you can track and manage your entries from the “Results” screen in the My Contest tab:

NOTE: If you are a customer not residing in the United States, you will see the Results screen broken into 2 tabs: “My Bets” and “My Contests”. My Bets are related to your peer-to-peer sports bets. My Contests are related to your Daily Fantasy Sports contests:

You will need to tap the "Contests" tab to view and manage your DFS contest entries:

If you are a customer that does reside in the United States, you will only see your list of created/entered Daily Fantasy Sports Contests from the Results screen:

Step 3

At the top of the My Contests list, you will see 3 sections: Not Started, In Progress, and Completed.

For contests in the Not Started section, you can still add more entries (if the maximum number of entries have not yet been reached), as well as update your lineup. Just tap on the contest in the above screen, and you'll see your entries for that contest under the My Entries tab (along with the Details and Contestants).

To add more entries, tap the "Enter" button from the My Entries tab. To update an existing entry, tap the "Update" button for that particular entry: 

Step 4

For contests that are "In Progress" or "Completed", you can track the points of contestants and your entries by tapping on the Contestants tab:

NOTE: you may see the same contestant multiple times in this list. This is because those contestants have entered the contest multiple entries with multiple different lineups.

You can also view current points for all your entries by tapping on the “My Entries” tab. This will show you a list of your entries with the current points total for each of them:

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