Entering a DFS Contest simultaneously while creating the Contest as the Maker is explained at the end of the support article on how to Create a DFS Contest (basically, when you initially create the Contest, you’ll be automatically entered into it one time).

If you’re the Maker of a contest, you can continue entering the Contest multiple times after you initially create the Contest. And of course, as the Taker, you can also enter the Contest multiple times once the Maker has created it. This support article discusses how to enter a Contest in either of these situations.

Step 1

First, you need to find a new DFS Contest. If you haven’t already read the support article on how to find a new DFS Contest, you should do so now by clicking HERE.

Step 2

Once you’ve found a contest that you’re interested in entering, then you’ll be able to officially enter it from the “Contest Details” screen.

On the bottom of the Contest Details screen, tap the “Enter Now” button:

Step 3

You will next be prompted to confirm your entry into the contest, and to authorize the Entry Fee to be deducted from your wallet's Available Balance:

Step 4

Once you have confirmed your entry, you will be taken to the Create Lineup screen to create your fantasy lineup:

Next up is how to create your lineup, which you can find the support article for HERE.

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