Currently, ZenSports only offers DFS Contests for the National Football League (NFL). But we’ll be adding more leagues soon!

Step 1

Finding a DFS Contest to participate in is super simple. From the main Bets/Contests screen, tap on the sport/league you want to find contests for: 

Step 2

On the next screen, you will need to select a date/time to view contests that were created based on games taking place during that specific date/time. This is so that all of the results and points can be tallied at the same time: 

NOTE: If you are a customer not residing in the United States, the default is set on Step 2 to be the Bets tab (peer-to-peer sports betting), so you will have to tap on the Contests tab first in order to select a date/time from this screen:

NOTE: If you are a customer that does reside in the United States, you will see the Contests tab selected by default in the screen above, since customers within the U.S. can't create or accept peer-to-peer sports bets within our app.

Step 3

Once you have selected a date/time for the Contest that you want to enter, you will be taken to a list of Contests going on for that date/time. Each contest is represented by a section and will have the following information:

  • Contest Name

  • Contest date/time

  • Contest ID

  • Current number of entries and the maximum number of entries allowed

  • Entry Fee and currency that the entry fee is required to be in (SPORTS, BTC, or USD)

  • Prize Pool (currency is the same as the Entry Fee)

Step 4

Tap on the Contest that you’re interested in playing in, and you will be taken to the Contest Details where you can enter the contest:

You can also tap on the Contestants tab or My Entries tab to see the list of other Contestants in the Contest or any of your other entries in the Contest:

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