Daily Fantasy Sports is Daily Fantasy Sports. Everyone can probably agree that there isn’t a whole lot that separates out one DFS provider from the next, other than maybe the special promotions, bonus programs, etc. that they may run (and perhaps a little bit on the user experience).

However, we truly believe that we’ve built something unique here at ZenSports when it comes to DFS compared to some of the existing products like DraftKings and FanDuel. In addition to the fact that our DFS is a perfect complement to the existing peer-to-peer sports betting offering that we’ve already had for some time, we think there are 2 key differentiators that set us apart from the others:

1. SPORTS utility token 

Probably the biggest differentiator between ZenSports and other Daily Fantasy Sports products is that we’ve created our own cryptocurrency utility token that is turning out to be one of the first best use cases for crypto that there is. Since we launched our SPORTS utility token back in July 2019, almost all bets and DFS contests have been made using our token.

The success of our utility token can be directly tied to the ease of use, savings, cash back, bonuses, and other loyalty/rewards benefits that our token offers. With SPORTS, you can save 2% on our already cheap betting fees, you can earn up to 2% cash back on your betting volume, and you can earn other bonuses as well. Plus, our token is portable and can be sent into and out of ZenSports with ease.

What does DraftKings give you? Free sweatshirts and hoodies? Sorry, but that’s just not going to cut it.

2. Simple, Rewarding Fee Structure

ZenSports keeps our fees simple and low-cost so that you always understand them and never pay too much. If you create a DFS contest using Bitcoin or U.S. Dollars, you’ll only pay 2.5% to enter contests that you as the Maker create, and only 5% to enter contests that you as the Taker don’t create. And if you enter a DFS contest using our SPORTS tokens, those fees are cut down to 1% for the Maker and 2.5% for the Taker.

Other DFS products charge on upwards of 15% of the total entry fees to enter into a contest, which significantly reduces your ability to keep more of your winnings.

Simple and low-cost. That’s how we do things at ZenSports.

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