Currently, ZenSports only offers DFS Contests for the National Football League (NFL). But we’ll be adding more leagues soon! 

ZenSports makes it super easy to create your own DFS contest. We guide you through a 5 step process that takes about 20 seconds to complete.

To get started in creating your own contest, tap the "Create Contest" button at the top of the Bets/Contest screen:

If you are a customer NOT in the United States.  You will see the screen below.

If you are a customer in the United States.  You will see the screen below.

Step 1

After tapping the Create Contest button, you will be brought to Step 1 of creating a contest. On Step 1, you will choose the Sport/League you are creating a contest for.  

Step 2

After choosing the league/sport in Step 1, you will choose the Contest Date/Time in Step 2. The Date/Time you choose determines when the contest will start, and what games, teams, and players you can draft for your lineups.

Step 3

After choosing the contest date/time in Step 2, you'll be brought to Step 3, which is where you'll which currency that entry fees and prize money will be paid out in, along with what the entry fee will actually be.

Currently you can create a contest in the following currencies:

  • SPORTS utility tokens
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • USD

There are a ton of benefits, discounts, cash back, and rewards that you can earn when you set a contest to be in SPORTS tokens. Click here to see all of the great benefits that you and others will earn by creating contests in SPORTS tokens.

As the Maker of a contest, you will pay no service fee for each of your entries into that contest if you create the contest using SPORTS tokens. If you create the contest using BTC or USD, you will incur a 2% service fee for each of your entries. 

If you’re only the Taker of a contest (i.e. you didn’t create the contest yourself), then you will pay a 2% service fee if the contest was created in SPORTS, and a 4% service fee if the contest was created in BTC or USD.

See the following service fee schedules for more details: Fees Charged by ZenSports

After you have selected a currency, you can set the Entry Fee that each contestant must pay to enter the contest. You can set any value that you’d like for the Entry Fee, but keep in mind that creating a contest also requires you to enter into that contest and pay the Entry Fee. So you will need to have funds in the wallet for the currency that you selected before creating the contest.

Step 4

After setting the Entry Fee, you now need to set the rules of the contest. There are 3 or 4 fields to set depending on how you fill in the rules:

Minimum # Contestants

The minimum number of contestants required to run the contest. If the contest does not meet this number, the contest will not run and all contestant entry fees will be refunded. 

Maximum # Contestants 

The maximum number of contestants that can enter. Once this number is reached, no other entries will be accepted.  

Prize Structure

There are three options to choose from for the Prize Structure: Winner Take All, 50/50, and Top Finishers:

50/50 means the top 50% of finishers will all win prize money, and each payout will be an equal amount.

Top Finishers means you will specify how many number of places will get paid, and what the prize allocation will be for each place.

If you select Top Finishers, you will get an additional option to allocate the prize money based on how many places you want to be paid:

Prize Money Allocation

Specify how many number of places will get paid, and what the prize allocation percentage will be for each place. Because it’s unknown how many contestants will enter when you create the contest, the most you can do is set the percentage payout for each place. ZenSports will then automatically calculate the actual prize money to be paid out once all entries for the contest have closed.

Winner Takes All means only the 1st place finisher will get paid, and they'll win the entire prize pot. 

Step 5

After setting the Contest rules in step 4, you will be brought to step 5.  Depending on what prize structure you selected in Step 4 you will get different screens.

If you chose 50/50, Step 5 will be to confirm the amount of prize money each winner in the top half of the contest could potentially win.

If you chose Top Finishers, Step 5 will let you enter the % allocation each of the finishers will receive.

If you chose Winner Takes All, Step 5 will be to confirm the amount of prize money the first place winner could potentially receive.

When you’re done with the Prize money allocations, tap the CREATE button in the upper right corner to confirm the contest creation and your entry. After you’ve confirmed this, the contest will be created, you will be entered into the contest, funds will be deducted from your Available Balance for your entry, and you will be taken to the Create Lineup flow.

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