ZenSports has an automated KYC/AML verification option within the ZenSports app via our partnership with Shufti Pro that is quick and seamless.

However, we only allow customers two attempts for getting KYC/AML verified in our app via Shufti Pro before we require you to go through our alternative KYC/AML method using Yoti (the reason for this is that Shufti Pro charges us even for failed verifications, and we've seen customers attempt to get verified dozens of times!). 

After 2 failed attempts in our app, you will be prompted to get KYC/AML verified outside of ZenSports via Yoti.

To submit your verification via Yoti, follow these steps:

Step 1

Download the Yoti mobile app from their website (Android or iOS):

Step 2

Create a Yoti account after you've downloaded the app, and upload the required documents and information. Click HERE to see a list of documents that Yoti accepts based on your country.

Step 3

Click the button below to get verified via the ZenSports KYC/AML verification page:

Step 4

Submit your Yoti profile via the above ZenSports verification page.

Step 5

Send an email to us at [email protected] or chat with us in the app and let us know once you've submitted the above KYC/AML verification info via our Yoti page. We'll then manually take care of approving your KYC/AML verification within ZenSports. 😊

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