ZenSports has an automated KYC/AML verification option within the ZenSports app via our partnership with PrimeTrust that is quick and seamless.

If for some reason your verification fails with PrimeTrust or you are located in a restricted country, you can get KYC/AML verified outside of ZenSports via Yoti.

Yoti supports ID documents from over 200 countries and territories.

Click on a document type below to see if Yoti supports those documents from your country:

Some versions of these documents might not be accepted because they don’t meet Yoti's security requirements. As per this example:

The KYC/AML verification via Yoti is only valid for withdrawing cryptocurrency funds. If you then later choose to deposit/withdraw funds via fiat, you will be required to go through Prime Trust's KYC/AML verification (note: there's never a KYC/AML requirement when depositing cryptocurrencies).

To submit your verification via Yoti, follow these steps:

Step 1

Download the Yoti mobile app from their website (Android or iOS):

Step 2

Create a Yoti account after you've downloaded the app, and upload the required documents and information. Click HERE to see a list of documents that Yoti accepts based on your country.

Step 3

Click the button below to get verified via the ZenSports KYC/AML verification page:

Step 4

Submit your Yoti profile via the above ZenSports verification page.

Step 5

Send an email to us at [email protected] from the email associated with your Yoti verification and let us know that you've submitted the above KYC/AML verification info via our Yoti page.

NOTE: The Name and Email you submit to verify MUST match your Name and Email on your ZenSports account while you are going through the KYC verification process.

We'll then manually take care of approving your KYC/AML verification within ZenSports. 😊

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