ZenSports has an automated KYC/AML verification option within the ZenSports app via our partnership with Shufti Pro that is quick and seamless.

However, for those customers who are finding that the automated option within our app isn't working for them, ZenSports also has another manual alternative to submit your KYC/AML verification info. The manual alternative is via the Yoti app. 

To submit your verification via Yoti, follow these steps:

Step 1

Download the Yoti mobile app from their website (Android or iOS):


Step 2

Create a Yoti account and upload the required documents and information.

Step 3

Go to the ZenSports KYC/AML verification page:


Step 4

Submit your Yoti profile via the above ZenSports verification page.

Step 5

Send an email to us at [email protected] or chat with us in the app and let us know once you've submitted the above KYC/AML verification info via our Yoti page. We'll then manually take care of approving your KYC/AML verification within ZenSports. 😊

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