Tennessee House Rules for ZenSports

Our ZenSports House Rules determine if you've won a bet, including common (and uncommon) scenarios and situations.

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Effective June 7, 2024

These House Rules are subject to be updated at any point in time by ZenSports. All ZenSports customers are responsible for understanding the House Rules at all times.


  1. These Sports Book House Rules (“House Rules”) apply to all bets made through the digital sports book (“Sports Book”) operated within the ZenSports app (“ZenSports”).

  2. Winnings are subject to IRS reporting and withholding requirements, if applicable.

  3. ZenSports will maintain a record of all point spreads, odds, final scores and related betting propositions for a minimum of 365 days after the event(s) in case of technical or human error.

  4. Subject to the Tennessee Sports Wagering Council (“TN SWC”) appeals process, all decisions made by ZenSports management are final.

  5. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call or text the TN Redline at 1-800-889-9789.

  6. Accounts may be funded by the following methods: Play+ (which includes debit card, ACH, and PayPal), and wire transfer. Other forms of funding must be approved by both TN SWC and ZenSports management.

  7. Management reserves the right to add, delete, or change the House Rules and/or payoff odds subject to applicable regulatory approval of the TN SWC.

  8. Management reserves the right to refuse any bet or limit or delete or limit any selection(s) prior to acceptance of the bet.

  9. ZenSports strives to ensure that errors do not occur when offering and accepting wagers. However, if a human or technical error occurs that results in ZenSports accepting a wager at terms, prices, or odds that are materially different from the general market or clearly incorrect given the chance of the event or outcome happening at the time the wager was accepted, ZenSports reserves the right to void the accepted wager as an “obvious error” and make a debit or credit to a customer account for the referenced wager. For the avoidance of doubt, an error resulting in the acceptance of a wager on a market in which an incorrect team is listed and/or listed in the incorrect order or designation (e.g., Home Team listed as Away) may result in the wager being voided as an “obvious error.”

  10. Management reserves the right to remove any Wagers from ZenSports for those customers that have not already accepted such Wagers, and to re-post such Wagers with new odds or payouts. ZenSports will never change or modify odds or payouts for previously accepted Wagers, except in the case of Rule #9 above.

  11. ZenSports does not accept Wagers at terms other than those posted.

  12. The minimum wager on all events is $1.00 and the maximum wager is determined by ZenSports management for a given market and wager.

  13. Management has the right to modify the Terms & Conditions for promotions and sports rules for various reasons, including but not limited to:

    1. Comply with applicable laws and regulations,

    2. Regulatory requirements.

  14. Bets are only accepted within the State of Tennessee; it is forbidden to accept telephone or electronic bets from outside the State of Tennessee.

  15. Withdrawal requests via Play+ will be processed and sent to your Play+ account instantly. Withdrawal requests via wire transfer or paper check will be processed within 5 business days. Exact time to receive funds will depend on the customer’s financial institution. Rules, forms and guidelines for wire transfer deposits and withdrawals can be found on the ZenSports Support Help Center.

  16. It is illegal for the following Prohibited Persons to bet or collect winning bets:

    1. Any person under the age of 21.

    2. Any person on any exclusion list or TN SWC exclusion list.

    3. Any person making a bet on the account of or for any other person.

    4. Any person who is prohibited pursuant to Tenn. Code § 4-49-112, which includes the following:

      1. Any member, officer, or employee of the council;

      2. With respect to a licensee, any principal owner, partner, member of the board of directors, officer, or supervisory employee;

      3. With respect to a vendor of a licensee, any principal owner, partner, member of the board of directors, officer, or supervisory employee;

      4. Any contractor, subcontractor, or consultant, or officer or employee of a contractor, subcontractor, or consultant, of a licensee, if the person is directly involved in the licensee’s operation of sports wagering or the processing of sports wagering claims or payments through the licensee’s online sports wagering platform;

      5. Any person subject to a contract with the council if the contract contains a provision prohibiting the person from participating in sports wagering;

      6. Any person with access to information that is known exclusively to a person who is prohibited from placing a wager in this state under this section;

      7. Any amateur or Olympic athlete if the wager is based on the sport or athletic event in which the athlete participates and that is overseen by the athlete’s sports governing body;

      8. Any professional athlete if the wager is based on any sport or athletic event overseen by the athlete’s sports governing body;

      9. Any owner or employee of a team, player, umpire or sports union personnel, or employee, referee, coach, or official of a sports governing body, if the wager is based on a sporting event overseen by the person’s sports governing body;

      10. Any trustee or regent of a governing board of a public or private institution of higher education;

      11. Any member of an advisory board established under title 49, chapter 9, part 5;

      12. Any person prohibited by the rules of a governing body of a collegiate sports team, league, or association from participating in sports wagering activities;

      13. With respect to a student or an employee of a public or private institution of higher education, any person who has access to material nonpublic information concerning a student athlete or team, and the information is relevant to the outcome of a sporting event; provided, that the person is only prohibited from using the information to place a wager on a collegiate sporting event; and

      14. Any person having the ability to directly affect the outcome of a sporting event.

  17. Betting must be done by individuals themselves, not on behalf of others. Bets are recognized as coming from the individual making the bet (the "Customer") and not from entities or other people.

  18. A prohibited sports pool participant, including an owner, athlete, coach, referee, manager, handler, or athletic or horse trainer, or any other person identified in Tennessee Code § 4-49-112, shall not be permitted to wager on any event governed by the league or sports governing body with which they are affiliated. Any other employee of a sports governing body, or one of its member teams, who is not a prohibited sports pool participant, shall register with the Division prior to placing a sports bet.

  19. ZenSports will not offer or allow any bets to be placed on any prohibited sports events.

  20. Management reserves the right to withhold payment and/or debit a customer’s account for Wagers if we have evidence that the event's integrity has been compromised.

  21. All bets are subject to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards, including reporting requirements for transactions and suspicious activity. Customers are prohibited from structuring Wager amounts to avoid federal currency transactional reporting thresholds.

  22. Management has the authority to examine repeated wagers made from a single account or group of accounts with identical results. During the inquiry, the management may temporarily withhold payment for those wagers and/or cancel them.

  23. "Action" means a bet is considered valid once placed. "No Action" means a bet is not considered valid once placed and will be refunded for events deemed No Action.

  24. Player proposition wagers: Player must play for Action (unless otherwise stated).

    1. In the case of baseball player proposition wagers, pitchers must throw at least one pitch for a pitching wager to have Action and batters must have at least one plate appearance for a hitting wager to have Action. For example, if a baseball player makes a defensive substitution only without a plate appearance, any corresponding hitting wagers for that player would have No Action.

    2. In the case of basketball, hockey, soccer, or MMA proposition wagers, players must have at least 1 second of playing time in a game or match for the wager to have Action.

    3. In the case of football proposition wagers, players must play at least one snap in a game for the wager to have Action.

    4. In the caseof golf proposition wagers, players must hit at least one shot in a tournament or match for the wager to have Action.

  25. All season long / futures bets (such as Regular Season Wins, Championship Futures, etc.) are Action regardless of canceled or forfeited games, unless otherwise stated.

    1. If a league postpones its season longer than 180 days or cancels the entire season, all bets are cancelled and refunded.


  1. Point Spread: point(s) either added to or subtracted from the actual game score for wagering purposes.

  2. Moneyline: A Straight Up Win (Moneyline) bet is one in which you are picking a team or player to win head-to-head against another team or player without any handicaps or point spreads. The team/player must win outright without any changes in the score in order for you to win the bet. If the team/player that you pick does not win outright, the bet outcome is a loss.

  3. Total (over/under): a wager over or under the total points scored. Calculated by adding both teams’ final scores together.

  4. Straight wager: a wager made on a single team, total, or proposition.

  5. Parlay wager: a wager coupling two or more teams, totals, or propositions. Payouts depend on the odds of each selection of the parlay. The payout is calculated by multiplying the exact odds. If one or more legs of the parlay are No Action, canceled or pushed, the odds of this selection will be multiplied by 1.00 and the payout of the parlay will be recalculated based on the remaining legs. Parlay wagers of two teams which include one winner & one push will be reduced to a straight wager. Parlay wagers with 3 or more teams, totals, or propositions that include a push will be reduced to the next lowest number of teams and the push is treated as No Action. Management reserves the right to restrict parlays on some events at its sole and absolute discretion.

  6. Same Game Parlays (all bets marked as “SGP” within the bet description): If any leg is cancelled, postponed or otherwise void under ZenSports House Rules, then the entire wager will be cancelled regardless of the outcome of other selections in the parlay.

  7. Odds that calculate the amount a wager will pay are based on $100 increments (American odds). Negative odds show the amount to wager to win $100. Positive odds show the amount to be paid for every $100 wagered. Odds can also be viewed in Decimal Odds in the ZenSports app.

  8. Push/Tie: a wager that when the point spread is applied results in a tie score, when the exact number for a total (over/under) is scored, or when a moneyline wager ends in a tie score (except Soccer), will all be graded as a Tie and the original wager amount will be refunded.

  9. Official: a wagering event is considered authorized for a result to be determined. If an event is unable to be deemed official for wagering as defined in the rules, wagers will be refunded.

  10. No Action: a wager that is disregarded / canceled due to an event defined in the rules.

  11. In-game/In-Play: in-game wagers are placed after the start of a game or other defined period and are determined by the final score of the period specified regardless of when the wager is placed.

  12. Time, Date, Site, Length of Play Changes:

    1. All baseball, basketball, and hockey games must be played within 12 hours of the originally scheduled date and time for “action” unless noted otherwise.

    2. Allother events including football must be played within one (1) week of the scheduled date for “action” unless noted otherwise.

    3. A change in the event site makes all wagers prior to the change “No Action” unless noted otherwise.

    4. For full game wagers (not including baseball), games that start within the allotted time frame but are then suspended, postponed, or canceled prior to their timed conclusion must have the following amount of game time completed to be “official”:

      1. 35 minutes of college basketball play

      2. 43 minutes of professional basketball play

      3. 55 minutes of college & pro football play

      4. 55 minutes of pro hockey play

    5. For all other timed sports, the game must have 5 minutes or less remaining of scheduled play to be “official” unless noted otherwise.

    6. Wagers on games that have not met the game length requirement at the time of suspension, postponement, or cancelation and do not resume play on the scheduled date are “No Action” and are refunded.

  13. Halftimes, Quarters, Overtime, Shootouts

    1. When wagering on a quarter or a half, the quarter or half must be completed to be “official” for wagering.

    2. When wagering on total scores, overtime periods are counted in the final score (excluding soccer).

    3. For halftime wagers, overtime periods are included as part of the second half.

    4. Fourth quarter wagers do not include overtime unless noted otherwise.

    5. If a hockey or soccer game is decided by a shootout, the winning team receives one additional goal for wagering purposes.

  14. Dead-Heat: Management handles dead-heats by dividing the price for each selection by the number of selections that dead-heat. NOTE: dead-heat rules do not apply to Golf. See definition #20 below for how Golf dead-heats and ties are resolved.

  15. Game Result/ 3-way Moneyline: Forecast the winner of the game/event. The market has 3 possibilities, and a draw option (Team A/Player A, Draw, Team B/Player B) is available. Bets exclude overtime periods.

  16. Baseball

    1. Pro baseball tickets are processed the following ways:

      1. Action: this is a team vs. team wager where the starting pitchers are not listed. Wager has “Action” regardless of either starting pitcher.

      2. Listed pitchers: this is a wager where one or both pitchers are specified. Specified pitchers must throw the first pitch of their half of the first inning, otherwise the wager has “No Action.”

    2. College baseball is written as “Action” unless noted otherwise.

    3. In the event of an off pitcher prior to the start of the game:

      1. All “Action” wagers will be adjusted to the price of the new pitcher.

      2. All listed pitcher, total, and point spread wagers with the original pitchers will be refunded.

    4. For full game moneyline wagers, games become “official” after four and one-half innings if the home team is leading or five innings if the visiting team is leading.

    5. For full game total or point spread wagers, games become “official” after eight and one-half innings if the home team is leading or nine innings if the visiting team is leading.

    6. For all first five inning wagers, games become “official” after five full innings. If the home team is leading after four and one-half innings and does not come to bat in the bottom of the fifth, wagers will be refunded.

    7. If a baseball game is considered official based on the above definitions, but is suspended and play does not resume on the scheduled start date, the winner for wagering purposes is determined by the score after the last full inning played, unless the home team ties or takes the lead in the bottom half of the incomplete inning where the winner is determined by the score at the time the game is called.

  17. Combat Sports

    1. For all fights, when the bell (buzzer, etc.) is sounded signaling the start of the fight the bout is considered “official” for wagering purposes regardless of the scheduled length.

    2. When the bell sounds, signifying the end of a round, it is considered a full round for wagering purposes. If the bout is officially stopped prior to the bell, it is not considered a full round.

    3. When wagering on boxing, “KO” propositions include knockout, technical knockout, disqualification, or any other stoppage.

    4. In the event a fight is deemed “no contest,” all wagers including round propositions will be considered “No Action” and all wagers will be refunded.

  18. Soccer

    1. Wagers are for 90 minutes of play, including stoppage/injury time but do not include extra time, sudden death, or penalty shootouts unless noted otherwise.

    2. For 3-way wagering each team and the draw are separate wagering interests. if the match ends in a draw, draw wagers win and both team wagers lose.

  19. Tennis

    1. Individual tennis player wagering to win a tournament are “Action” regardless if the player starts the tournament unless noted otherwise.

    2. Both tennis players in a match-up must start the match and complete at least one full set for “Action.”

  20. Motor Racing

    1. Results will be posted after the official inspection process has been completed.

    2. In the event of a disqualification, the official NASCAR finishing order will apply to all wagers.

    3. Any disqualified drivers are placed last in the field, only finishing ahead of any other disqualified drivers whom they finished higher than prior to.

    4. For wagering purposes, these post inspection finishing positions will be used to determine both the race winner and matchup winners.

    5. Individual driver wagers to win a race are “Action” regardless of qualifying results, mechanical failure or injury unless noted otherwise.

    6. Both drivers in a match-up must start the race for “Action.” The winner of a match-up is determined by the official finish order.

    7. If a driver in a match-up is substituted during the race then the match-up is “No Action.”

  21. Golf

    1. Individual golfer wagers to win a tournament are “Action” regardless if the player starts the tournament unless noted otherwise.

    2. Both golfers in a match-up must tee off to start the tournament or round for “Action.”

    3. The golfer with the lower score wins the match-up with equal rounds played.

    4. If one golfer in a match-up continues play after the opponent has missed the cut, withdrawn, or has been disqualified, the golfer who continues play wins the match-up.

    5. If both golfers in a match-up are in a playoff, the winner of the playoff wins the match-up.

    6. Unless stated otherwise, proposition bets that pertain to a player achieving a specified final position will be considered successful even if the player finishes in a tie for the specified final position. To illustrate, if a proposition bet is made on a player to finish in the top 10 and that player ends up in a tied position for 10th place, the bet will be settled as a winning one.

  22. Propositions

    1. Both sides must play in any two way matchup for Action.

    2. Pro Football - a kneel down is considered a rush attempt.

    3. Pro Football – a sack counts against a quarterback’s total passing yards, not their rushing total, and does not count as a rush attempt.

    4. Pro Football - for any player to score 8 points on one possession, he must score a td and the immediate following 2 point conversion for “yes” to win.

    5. Pro Football - team to score first in x quarter/half: if there is no score in x quarter/half, then the prop is No Action.

    6. Pro Football – score in first 5 minutes of game – score at exactly 10:00 minutes remaining in 1st quarter, then “yes” wins.

    7. Pro Football – score in last 2 minutes of half/game – score at exactly 2:00 minutes left in half/game, then “yes” wins.

    8. Pro Football – team converting a 3rd/4th down attempt by means of a penalty results in “No Action”.

    9. Pro Football – overtime does not count as or towards a quarter.

    10. Pro Football – number of plays in first touchdown drive – if first td is a kickoff, punt or int return then “1 play” is winner.

    11. Pro Football – distance of first touchdown pass: if no td pass, prop is No Action.

    12. Pro Football – yards of first rush attempt/reception: if no rush or reception, then prop is No Action.

    13. Pro Football – yards of first kickoff/punt return: if no return, then prop is No Action.

    14. Pro Football – will player record a sack: if player records ½ a sack, then “yes” is the winner.

    15. Pro Football – will a touchdown be scored on 4th down: punt returns count.


● National Basketball Association

● National Football League

● Major League Baseball

● National Hockey League

● PGA (Golf)


● ATP/WTA (Tennis)

Soccer Leagues Offered:

● A League

● Africa Cup of Nations

● Bundesliga

● Campeonato JPS


● Copa America

● Copa Libertadores

● Copa Sudamericana

● Coppa Italia

● Eredivisie

● European Championship

● FA Cup

● FIFA Friendlies

● FIFA World Cup

● Football League Cup

● Indian Super League

● La Liga (Primera Division)

● League One

● League Two

● Liga MX

● Ligue 1


● Premier League

● Serie A

● Superliga Argentina

● UEFA Champions League

● UEFA Euro Qualification

● UEFA Europa League

Esports game titles:

● League of Legends (approved by TN SWC)

● Counter-Strike: GO (approved by TN SWC)

● Overwatch (approved by TN SWC)


If you have any issues regarding the outcomes of posted events or results, please report them promptly to ZenSports customer support:

Chat: Available both on the zensports.com website and within the Help section of the ZenSports app.

Phone: 866-783-9435

If a complaint, claim, or dispute can't be resolved to your satisfaction, you can reach out to the Tennessee Sports Wagering Council:

Sports Wagering Council

312 Rosa L Parks Ave., 8th Floor

Nashville, TN 37243

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