If you want to communicate with others in your ZenSports network, ZenSports has an instant messaging feature that you can use to create either a group chat or a one-on-one chat.

You can only chat with those that you're mutually following -- i.e. you must be following them and they must be following you. If you're not following anyone yet, click here to find out how you can find and follow others within ZenSports.

To begin messaging others within ZenSports that you're mutually following, follow these steps:

Step 1

Create a new conversation with one or more people. This can be accomplished in two ways. The easiest way is to go into the Messages screen. Tap on "More" from the bottom right of the navigation bar, and then the "Messages" menu item:

Step 2

Tap the + blue circle button in the bottom right corner of the Messages tab in order to start a new conversation:

Step 3

After you open up a new conversation, you'll need to add people to begin chatting with. You can scroll through your list of followers or search for them in the box at the top. Each person that you add to the conversation will be listed at the bottom:

Step 4

Once everyone has been added to the conversation that you want,  you can begin chatting with them, uploading pictures, etc:

Step 5

You can add others to the conversation after it's started, block/remove players from the conversation, or leave the conversation yourself by tapping the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the conversation:

Step 6

A menu item will then appear. Tap "Add Players" to add more people to the conversation, tap "View Players" to view everyone in the conversation and to bring up the blocking feature, and tap "Leave Conversation" to leave the conversation yourself:

Step 7

To block/remove someone from a conversation after tapping on "View Players" in the above screen, just tap the "block" button next to the user that you want to block/remove.  You can also view their profile by tapping on the avatar icon:

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