Viewing Bet Results

Seeing if you've won! (or lost or tied)

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You've accepted a bet, the event is over, and the results have been submitted for the bet. Now it's time to check out those results!

There are 2 ways to view bet results:

  1. Tap on the Push Notification or In-Product Notification that ZenSports automatically sends you, or

  2. Go into the History filter on the Results screen.

Option 1 - Tapping on the Push or In-Product Notification

This is the easiest way to view results for a bet and will allow you to skip all of the steps below that are in Option 2 for going to the "Results" screen. This is because all you have to do to view results under this option is tap on the notification that ZenSports automatically sends you once the results are in. Be sure that you haven't turned off Push and In-Product Notifications in your Settings! 

Once you tap on this notification, it will take you directly to the View Results screen for that bet!

Push Notification Example:

In-Product Notification Example:

View the Results screen after tapping on the notification:

Option 2 - Going to the Results screen

The Results screen is where you can view everything related to all of your bets. This option will take a bit more work to view the results for a bet, but is slightly better if you want to filter or search by which bet you want to view results for and/or if you get a lot of notifications that you don't want to sift through.

Step 1

Go to the Results screen by tapping on "Results" in the bottom navigation bar:

Keep in mind that bets that you've accepted will sit in the Current filter on the Results screen until results have been settled by ZenSports. Bets will not move into the History filter until the results have been settled.

Step 2 (skippable)

If you tap on a bet while it's still sitting in the Current filter of the Results screen (prior to the results submission), you'll see the following version of the View Results screen, basically letting you know that the results are not in yet.

Step 3

Once the results have been settled, in addition to getting the notifications mentioned in Option 1 above, the bet will move into the History filter on the Results screen. You can access the History filter by tapping on the filter icon while staying on the Results screen:

Step 4

Current vs History

By default, all bets showing in the Results screen are "Current" bets, which means bets where results have not yet been settled yet.

When a bet that was accepted has had results settled, it will automatically move into the "History" filter and will no longer be visible by default.

See the filtering section below on how to toggle between Current and History.

Default Sorting

The default sorting of bets under the Current filter on the Results screen is as follows:

  1. Bets are sorted by Time Period of the bet: Single Game then Season/Futures bets.

  2. Within the Time Period of the bet, bets are sorted in chronological order.

  3. Within chronological order, any bets that pertain to the same event/game for Single Game bets are clustered together. Seasons/Futures bets remain sorted chronologically.

  4. Within bets for the same event/game, bets are sorted first by Moneyline bets, then Point Spread bets, then Over/Under bets, then Will/Won't bets.

Bets in History will have the same default sorting as Current, with one exception -- the chronological order piece is instead replaced with reverse chronological order so that you can see the most recent bets that were settled at the top.

See the filtering section below on how to toggle between bets for different Time Periods, different Bet Types, and other criteria.

Filtering Bets by Different Criteria

You can quickly and easily filter bets on the Results screen by all of the following criteria:

  1. Minimum/Maximum Bet Amount - choose a range of bets by the bet amount. e.g. all bets between $25 and $100.

  2. Parlays/Individual Bets

  3. Time Period - Season/Futures, Multi Games, Single Game

  4. Bet Type - Moneyline, Point Spread, Over/Under, Will/Won't Bets

  5. Team/Player

  6. Current/History - toggle back and forth between Current and History bets.

  7. Accepted Status - View bets that were Accepted or Not Accepted

  8. Won/Lost/Tied/Postponed - You can view bets by outcome, but this is only for bets that are in History (since you don't yet know what the outcome will be for Current bets).

To filter by bets on the Results screen, first tap on the filter button next to the search box at the top of the screen (make sure you're still on the Results page because other tabs have this filter also):

Select "History" while within the filter and tap the "Apply" button at the top (you can also choose to only filter by "Taker" bets if you'd like to narrow down the results even more, but that's not required):

Step 5

This will now show you all bets that results have already been settled. Tap on the bet that you want to view results for:

View Detailed Results screen

Regardless of whether you use Option 1 or 2 above to tap on a settled bet in order to view the detailed results for a bet, you'll be able to view who won the bet, and what the score/results were:

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