If you type in the wrong detailed results of the bet when submitting results, such as the final score of a game or a player's stats, you can edit those details. However, as discussed in Submitting Bet Results As The Maker, you can't change the winner of the bet once it's submitted, so be absolute sure the winner is what it should be prior to submitting the results.

To edit the detailed results of a bet that you've already submitted, follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to the My Bets tab within the Results screen:

Step 2

Next, go into the filter while staying on the My Bets tab:

Step 3

Select "History" while within the filter and tap the "Search" button at the bottom (you can also choose to only filter by "Maker" bets if you'd like narrow down the results even more, but that's not required):

Step 4

This will now show you all bets that you've already submitted results for. Tap on the bet that you want to edit the detailed results for:

Step 5

You will now see the "View Results" screen, which shows the summary of the bet at the top, and the original bet results that you submitted below that. Tap the "Edit" icon in the top right corner to edit the detailed results of the bet:

Step 6

After tapping the Edit icon in the above screen, you'll be on the Edit Results screen. Notice how you can't edit the bet winner, as the answer choices are grayed out. But you can edit the detailed results of the bet:

Step 7

After you've updated the results in the text box, just tap the green "Edit Results" button at the bottom:

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