To submit results as the Maker, follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to the My Bets tab within the Results screen. Tap on a bet that you created, that was accepted by at least one Taker, and that you haven't already submitted results for. Such bets are denoted by the "green" color-coding in the Current filter:

Step 2

You'll then come to the "Submit Results" screen. At the top is a summary of the bet details that you created. Below that is a simple question of "Did you win this bet?" There are 4 answer choices that you can choose from:

  • Yes

  • No

  • It was a Tie

  • Game/Event Postponed or Suspended

Choose whichever answer represents who the winner of the bet is:

Step 3

In the next section you can type in the score for each team/player and/or add details of the bet results, such as the final stats of a player that was being bet on, etc.

You must either enter the scores of the teams or type something into the bet results box:

NOTE: For MMA bets you will not be required to enter in a score however you must still fill in the bet results box.

Step 4

Once you've chosen the winner of the bet and entered in the detailed results, tap the green "Submit Results" button at the bottom:

Step 5

You'll then need to confirm that you indeed want to submit the results that you've indicated.

After confirming results, you'll be taken back to the My Bets tab.

**See the "Editing Bet Results" support article if you made a mistake with submitting results and need help in fixing that:

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