As a decentralized, peer-to-peer sports betting system, ZenSports never gets in the middle of bets. This even includes the submission of bet results, which are handled by the Maker. See Responsibilities, Penalties, & Rewards As A Decentralized Betting System for more info on this.

To submit results as the Maker, follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to the My Bets tab within the Results screen. Tap on a bet that you created, that was accepted by at least one Taker, and that you haven't already submitted results for. Such bets are denoted by the "green" color-coding in the Current filter:

Step 2

You'll then come to the "Submit Results" screen. At the top is a summary of the bet details that you created. Below that is a simple question of "Did you win this bet?" There are 4 answer choices that you can choose from:

  • Yes
  • No
  • It was a Tie
  • Game/Event Postponed or Suspended

Choose whichever answer represents who the winner of the bet is:

Please be careful and double-check that you've chosen the correct winner of the bet. This CAN'T be undone later, and if you submit the wrong results, the Taker can dispute the results and you'll lose an additional 10% of your bet a amount (5% of your bet amount when betting in SPORTS tokens).

Step 3

In the "Detailed bet results" box, type in the details of the bet results, such as the score of the game, the final stats of a player that was being bet on, etc. You must type something into this box:

Unlike the winner of the bet, the detailed bet results can be edited later on. So if you make a typo on the score or something, not to worry. You can edit this portion of the results later on. SeeĀ 

Step 4

Once you've chosen the winner of the bet and entered in the detailed results, tap the green "Submit Results" button at the bottom:

Step 5

You'll then need to confirm that you indeed want to submit the results that you've indicated. Again, the winner of the bet is FINAL once you confirm in the screen below, so make sure that the winner of the bet is correct before confirming:

After confirming results, you'll be taken back to the My Bets tab.

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