The My Bets tab in the Results screen is home to managing all the bets that you've both created as the Maker and accepted as the Taker. The My Bets tab is where you can do all of the following things:

  1. Search, filter, and view all of the bets where you are/were the Maker or Taker (see below for how to do this)

  2. Edit a bet you've created

  3. Delete a bet you've created

  4. Close a bet you've created to new Takers

  5. Submit results for a bet you've created

  6. View results for a bet you've accepted

  7. Dispute results for a bet you've accepted

Getting to the My Bets tab

To get to the My Bets tab, first tap on the Results screen, You will be taken directly  to the "My Bets" tab:

Color-coding of bets on the My Bets tab

Bets on the My Bets tab are color-coded as follows:

  1. Green -- Bets you've created as the Maker that were accepted by at least one Taker.

  2. White -- Bets you've created as the Maker that have not been accepted by any Takers yet.

  3. Blue -- Bets you've accepted as the Taker.

See filtering section below on how to toggle between bets that you are the Maker or Taker, and bets that were Accepted/Not Accepted.

Current vs History

By default, all bets showing in the My Bets tab are "Current" bets, which means bets where the event has not started yet, or where the event has started but results have not yet been submitted. 

When a bet that was accepted has had results submitted, or when a bet that wasn't accepted expires past the start time of the game, it will automatically move into the "History" filter and will no longer be visible by default.

See filtering section below on how to toggle between Current and History.

Default Sorting

The default sorting of bets under the Current filter on the My Bets tab is as follows:

  1. Bets that are color-coded green or blue are put together at the top, followed by bets color-coded in white.

  2. Within green/blue bets and within white bets, bets are sorted by Time Period of the bet: Single Game, then Multiple Games, then Season/Futures.

  3. Within the Time Period of the bet, bets are sorted in chronological order.

  4. Within chronological order, any bets that pertain to the same event/game for Single Game bets are clustered together. Multiple Games and Season/Futures remain sorted chronologically.

  5. Within bets for the same event/game, bets are sorted first by Moneyline bets, then Point Spread bets, then Over/Under bets, then Will/Won't bets, then Write In bets. 

Bets in History will have the same default sorting as Current, with one exception -- the chronological order piece is instead replaced with reverse chronological order so that you can see the most recent bets that took place at the top.

See filtering section below on how to toggle between bets for different Time Periods, different Bet Types, and other criteria.

Filtering Bets by Different Criteria

You can quickly and easily filter bets on the My Bets tab by all of the following criteria:

  1. Time Period - Season/Futures, Multi Games, Single Game

  2. Bet Type -  Moneyline, Point Spread, Over/Under, Will/Won't Bets

  3. Team/Player

  4. Minimum/Maximum Bet Amount - choose a range of bets by the bet amount. e.g. all bets between $25 and $100.

  5. Current/History - toggle back and forth between Current and History bets.

  6. Role Type - View bets where you were just the Maker, just the Taker, or both.

  7. Accepted Status - View bets that were Accepted or Not Accepted

  8. Won/Lost/Tied/Postponed - You can view bets by outcome, but this is only for bets that are in History (since you don't yet know what the outcome will be for Current bets).

To filter by bets on the My Bets tab, first tap on the filter button within the search box at the top of the screen (make sure you're still on the My Bets tab because other tabs have this filter also):

After tapping the filter button, the following Filters screen will appear. The choices already showing in blue are the field selections that will be showing by default. You can de-select and select any choices that you wish to filter down your results. After choosing which fields you want to filter by, tap the "Search" button in the bottom right corner:

After you've filtered down results, you can "reset" the results back to the default by going back into the Filters screen and tapping the "Reset" button to the left of the Search button:

You can also "reset" the filtered results by leaving the My Bets tab and coming back into it.

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