As discussed in how to create a bet as a Maker, there are two main categories of bets that Makers can create:

  1. Pre-Defined List of Common Bet Types -- For each league/sport, time period, and team/player option that you chose in Steps 1-4, ZenSports gives you a list of the most common Bet Types based on those criteria that you can easily choose from.

  2. Write In Bet Types -- You can free-form, write in any bet details that you'd like to create (up to 100 characters). Want to bet that Lebron James will show up in purple shoes? Go for it. Want to bet that Aaron Rodgers will throw a touchdown pass to himself? Love it. The possibilities are endless. Let the creativity begin!

For Pre-Defined Bet Types, ZenSports has the ability to understand what a Maker has chosen, and transpose the terms of the bet to then be displayed from the perspective of the Taker so that it's clear and obvious the terms of the bet that a Taker is accepting. 

For example, if in a game between the Green Bay Packers vs Arizona Cardinals, the Maker chooses a Pre-Defined bet for the Packers to be +3, then ZenSports will transpose the bet and turn it into Cardinals -3 before displaying it to Takers, so it's clear that the Taker is taking the Cardinals -3.

As such, for all Pre-Defined Bet Types, ZenSports always displays the terms of the bet from the perspective of the Taker when Takers search and find bets.

For example, the first bet in the following list of bets available for Takers to accept, the Taker would be accepting the Toronto Raptors to win at 4.90 odds. The team(s) or player(s) that the Taker is betting on are listed in the first line of the bet details, the terms of the bet that the Taker is betting on are in the second line, and the odds that the Taker would be accepting are in the row with the odds label:

For Write-In Bet Types, since there's no easy way for ZenSports to take what the the Maker has typed in and transpose that free-form content to be from the perspective of the Taker, these bet types are displayed to Takers stating what the Maker is predicting will happen, with clear instructions that the Taker is betting on the fact that the Maker prediction will NOT happen.

This Write In Maker prediction gets displayed in 2 different places to Takers. First, in the list of bets, any bet terms in the second-to-last line that start out with "Maker Predicts . . ." is a Write In bet type from the Maker:

Secondly, when you tap on a bet as a Taker from the list and arrive at the Accept Bet screen, you'll see even more details about the Write In bet at the top of the screen, with again a reminder that you are betting that what the Maker's prediction will NOT happen:

The above Write In details will also be found on any other Bet Details screens, such as the View Results screen after you accept a bet as the Taker, etc.

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