Tracking the status of a deposit depends on which currency you are depositing in. SPORTS token deposits are near-instant, so you can see your funds in your ZenSports wallet right away.  

Bitcoin, USDT (Tether), and wire transfer deposits can take a bit longer, so below are the steps on how to track your deposit via one of these methods.

Step 1

After you send funds from your personal cryptocurrency wallet to the temporary wallet address given to you by ZenSports, you can re-open the ZenSports app and you'll be shown the following Deposit Detected screen:

Step 2

If you want more detail about how long the confirmation/transaction process will take, you can tap the "How Long Will This Take?" link at the bottom of the above screen, and you'll be taken to the following screen, which will explain in more detail how the deposit process works within ZenSports:

If you want to dig further into the status of your blockchain transaction, tap the "block explorer" link in the fourth bullet point above, and you'll be taken outside of ZenSports to the blockchain where you can view the real-time status of your transaction. When you're done on this screen, just tap the "Done" button in the upper right corner.

Step 3

You do NOT need to sit around on these Deposit Detected and Processing Time screens waiting around for your deposit to clear. Instead, you can relax, go have a cup of coffee, and enjoy life. ZenSports will automatically send you a push and in-product notification once your payment has been detected on the blockchain and once it's been fully processed:

You'll also receive an email once your transaction/deposit has been fully processed. Be sure to have your notification settings turned on or you won't receive these notifications or the email.

Step 4

Once you've been notified that your payment has been fully processed, you can see that the funds have been added to your Available Balance on the Funds screen. You can access the Funds screen from the bottom navigation bar, or tap on the notification letting you know that the payment was fully processed:

Step 5

You're now officially ready to start placing some bets!!! :)

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