Our sports betting marketplace is currently only available outside the United States, and only in jurisdictions where our Curacao license is accepted or ZenSports is looked at as skill-based gaming. 

United States

The one country that we are not currently operating in at all is the United States. Any customers that create an account within the United States will be able to view our sports betting features, but are geo-restricted and completely blocked from depositing funds or placing any bets in our app. 

This will be changing September 4, 2019 when we launch Daily Fantasy Sports within the United States. At that time, our Daily Fantasy Sports features will be available in the 41 states where Daily Fantasy Sports is allowed. 

Our Daily Fantasy Sports feature will not be allowed in the following 9 states: 

Washington – Nevada – Montana – Louisiana – Iowa – Idaho – Hawaii – Arizona – Alabama

We're working on obtaining the necessary licenses in order to be able to operate our peer-to-peer betting features in the United States and a few other select restricted countries. 

You can check out which states have already legalized sports betting, and which states have legislation in the works to legalize it soon:


You can stay up to date with the new licenses that we've obtained both on the Licenses page of our support library, as well as on our blog.

In the meantime, you can help us by reaching out to your state legislators, letting them know that you want them to pass a bill, legalizing sports betting in your state for mobile first products like ZenSports.


Since ZenSports is a mobile app only, we have the ability to do both an IP address as well as phone location verification to ensure that U.S. based residents are not able to access our peer-to-peer sports betting features, and that residents of the states that prohibit Daily Fantasy Sports can't access those features within ZenSports at all.

iOS Availability

In addition to not operating at all in the United States, our iOS app is not available in the following countries due to Apple's policies:

Bahrain, Brazil, India, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Yemen

Android users in the above countries can access our app.

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